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Order has been restored to the glorious Democratic Fox lovers' Republic of Moddb and I'm am making an announcement for new images.

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Attention comrade fox lovers! As you may have noticed, CureOptimism and Frenzied_Metalhead had been desecrating and defacing the fox lovers group with homosexual imagery. I had put an end to their posting of vile and grotesque homosexual imagery and restored order and serenity to the Fox lovers group. You may also have noticed that, when CureOptimism and Frenzied_Metalhead were posting their vile homosexual images, the popularity of the Fox lover's group sky rocketed. I do not understand this! Why would homosexual images make this group more popular? The human male anatomy is ugly and, that is why men should not wear anything less then a t-shirt and shorts. I little advice for those trying express their gay pride and want to seek acceptance and tolerance, just please, for the love of Allah and Kim Jong Un, just please wear something more than underwear is or speedos or, you are just going to agitate and disgust more people into being homophobes. Seriously, why do homosexuals have to parade in their underwear to express gay pride? Homosexuals should try to sent the message that they are normal people except, that they like men, not the message that they are effeminate weirdos that parade in their underwear. Homosexual should wear normal clothing in their pride parades. I don't like gays but, I would want them to at least be more tolerable. I only thing I like about homosexuals are, the comedy about it. Here is some examples are homosexual related comedy. CureOptimism and Frenzied_Metalhead, if you want to express your gay pride, this is not the group to do so. Join a gay pride group or, create one of your own and leave me out of it! Now, about the new images. In an attempt to restore popularity to this group, I will upload images of beautiful anthro vixens to replace the images of grotesque homosexuals and, if you don't like, well then, you are either a flaming queer or, a furry hater. Despite me loving images of anthro vixens I am, not at a zoophile! I have absolutely no desire or intentions of having intercourse with an actual fox. Besides, that would be quite impossible considering the size differences between a fox and a human. I think humans in general would look much better if they appeared as if they evolved from vulpines instead of primates. The reason for this opinion of mine comes from, my love for things that are aerodynamic such as, high speed, airplane and foxes. That is why I wish humans had some features of a fox, like a snout to make humans look more aerodynamic and cuter, and a fluffy fox tail with, a still human shaped body but, with fox fur. To me humans look like this and foxes look like this Which do you think looks better? Why evolution? At least the bright side is, we don't look as bad as gorillas. By the way, does having little to no social life and homeschooling make someone a weirdo? Because that seems to be the case with me.

Cure Optimism
Cure Optimism

We want gay pictures!

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Cpl. William
Cpl. William

You mean 'your pictures'?

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