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This is the Orca Bomber Tiberium Essence Unit Profile. Credits to Starfox100 and ik008 for helping with the vid. Enjoy!

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Designation: ORCA-B2
Affiliation: GDI
Role: Bomber\Support Aircaft
Armament: High Explosive Carpet Bombs, Shockwave Bombs
Type: Bomber Aircraft
Speed: Medium


The Orca Bomber was GDI's main bombardment aircraft during the Second Tiberium War. Its structure was heavy and its speed was incredibely slow for an aircraft unit. Its armor was as heavy as a Titan's, and therefore it could take some hits before being destroyed making up for its slow speed. After the Second Tiberium War's end, it was put out of production because of researching a new prototype jet fighter, the Firehawk.

Although the Firehawk was much faster and maneuverable than the Orca Bomber, its paper armor didn't allow it to travel Nod-controlled areas freely. Most of the GDI Commanders being adhered to the old GDI tactics, they never used the Firehawk's Stratofighter abillity, and demanded the development of a new, more versatile and maneuverable Orca Bomber. The task was put upon the Steel Talons special division's scientist team, as their ability to use old TW2 technology and update it so it was still able to act freely in modern battlefields was what the GDI Council needed. The science team created a new lighter version of the Orca Bomber. It was faster and much more maneuverable than its ancestor. It kept its carpet bombing ability and it was also enhanced with experimental Shockwave bombs. They allowed the Orca Bomber to act as a field support craft by using the Shockwave bombs to disable enemy vehicles, making them immobile and unprotected from any attack. They were so successful that the highest ranking GDI pilots were only allowed to enter the special Orca Bomber Division and they were used much more often than any other GDI aircarft in all three Tiberium Wars.

"The best aircraft of the Third Tiberium War is arguably the Orca Bomber. I mean, I'd love to blow sh*t up with it, I'd give all my years of TW1 service just to carpet bomb Noddies with that baby! Oh, and there are those awesome EMP bombs, we didn't even have those back in 2000! Jeez, it's a f*cking flying Mammoth! Those bureaucratic b*st*rds at the GDI Council finally did something good to actually help GDI win the war and not throw it into chaos and let it become Kane's liitle plaything!"

--Colonel Nick "Havoc" Parker--

Two at The Price of One
The Orca Bomber has a huge advantage over any other aircraft in the game. Its carpet bombing technique allows the player with correct micromanagement to take out more than one structure with one runnover, making it your enemy's worst pain in the *ss.

justgoaway - - 8,208 comments

*Guard falling down with headshot*

Once again, nice job guys. Really liked what Havoc said.

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‡worlun‡ - - 2,027 comments

Awesome video and awesome profile for an awesome aircraft which i like to spam at nod bases :D

(and idk y i replied) :D

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Scorpionov - - 977 comments

nice profile excellent work on the description & video, but unfortunately A good nod commander will always have a bucket load of venoms standing by.

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-Redeemer- - - 342 comments

"It kept its carper bombing ability and it was also enhanced with experimental Sockwave bombs."

HOORAH, SOCKS flying around with every impact of a bomb^^
anyway nice unit profile

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Starfox100 - - 1,297 comments

LOL!!! playmsbk.. i guess there is a problem..

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SlayerX3 - - 2,448 comments

I sense a fail in Havoc's quote, the orca bomber only showed up in TW2 not in one, they were using A10s during TW1.

And I wish the orca bomber was a little bit faster, the hailstorm of missiles the Nod's SAMs and Stealth tanks can unleash is sometimes more than enough even to bring it down, even if you decide to run away the Nod's AA ground units can OUTRUN an Orca bomber.

But it is great for wasting swarms of infantry and non-defense buildings as long there is no AA nearby.

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playmsbk Author
playmsbk - - 2,388 comments

its not fail, since what i mean is that havoc wishes he could exchange his TW1 years of service for serving in TW3. and yes, he is still alive in TW3, not my idea, EA's

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SlayerX3 - - 2,448 comments

It is funny that I found his statue at the Nelis Airforce base mission.

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