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Washed up, alone and stranded! How will you survive this evil Island? You must learn very quickly to work the land, make shelter, plant/harvest crops and more to survive.

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Orc Island has entered beta phase, players can download on PC and have a play (Direct download link further down this article, no need to register or have internet once installed). The game will be a FREE bonus when you first buy a block of land in our huge new MMO Sandbox, Virtual Earth Online. Two amazing games in one!!

Orc Island title

The first time you spawn in to the game you will find yourself in the shallow waters on the edge of Orc Island. What you do next and how quickly you learn to work the land will determine if you survive!!

To survive you must build, manage your resources, learn to live off the land. Use the trees, plants, cactus etc to craft shelter and tools essential for your daily battle to survive.

Lots of inventory items added, more to come. The tool selection is looking great!!

You must plant and harvest crops such as corn, wheat and tomatoes. Add these to your food pot and make vegetable soup. Animals and fish will also be added to the game very soon, another source of food. The fishing dynamics are going to be really cool! Both fresh and salt water fish.




tools 1

***EDIT*** Fishing is live

As the name suggests the Island is home to creatures that like to hunt for food once the sun goes down.


We have our Orc, this should be added to the game in the next few days, just working on colouring and skin texture. The combat features will also be added at the same time.

The beta version of Orc Island can be directly downloaded by CLICKING HERE

Orc Island Controls:
WASD to move
Mouse to look around
Right/left click for blocks/materials
Space for jump
T and space to fly
T for up
G for down
Double click 1-9 for item selection
Right click to place items on tools, wood/straw etc on fires
Left click to plant and harvest crops
Gold can be used in place of any minerals you can't find


We have the domain name and the website is being developed as we speak, should be up by Monday. Sound/music engineers have been working on the game this week, look out for the next game update soon! New social media pages are getting worked on over the weekend, all looking good for early November launch.

You can follow the latest updates on our Twitter page: @VEOCommunity

Send your feedback and development ideas to:

Facebook Page: Virtual Earth Online Gamers

Official website and multiplayer open beta registration: Virtual Earth Online

Thank you for your time and we hope to meet up with you in the games and forum.

VirtualEarthOnline Author

New update coming this afternoon (AEST), just got word from Rubberman.

The fishing will be included in this and he says it is awesome fun :-)

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