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A procedural generated 2D RPG, where everything will be generated based on a given seed at the game start: World, Kingdoms, Politics, Quests, NPCs, Storyline...

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Orbis Infinitas will be a procedural generated roleplaying game, where everything will be generated based on a given seed at the game start. This includes the world itself, cities and towns, dungeons and forests, empires and politics, characters and monsters, but also the whole story, background and quest system. Everything will be generated on the fly and a player can be part of a world that seems to have no borders. You can walk and walk into one direction and maybe you will never find the end of the world.

The basic work is done. I have a running version with basic generation algorithms, which contains the basic land generation, placement of villages and basic generation of buildings inside the villages. The first steps are done, but I do not have enough time to work at this project fulltime.

Having the time to work two or three months fulltime at Orbis Infinitas will give me the chance to create the following planned features:

  • Finishing the village generation algorithm, including different styles, different building types, decoration and creation of paths inside the villages.
  • Adding generated places like ruins, cave / dungeon entrances, shrines, farms etc and generate beautiful forests using different styles between all the action, including rivers, hills and mountains all stuff of that kind.
  • Adding generated NPCs to the game, giving life to the game. This includes also animals and monsters in the world, not only friendly human beings.
  • Adding real-time battles to the game. You remember the battles from "Secret of Mana"? Yeah, that's the goal.
  • Adding inventar, items and weapons to the game.
  • Adding a basic quest system to the game, so players can already do some stuff.
  • Many more, if there's enough time...
Villages are getting better First village test
Testing the coastline Testing early tree placement

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go0der - - 153 comments

You have some bold claims for this game. WILL YOU DELIVER?

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LordNelson7 - - 161 comments

VERY NICE! Looking good!

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