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Hello, actually we work on an Option Menu. We want to ask you. Windowed or Fullscreen? 4x3 16x9 16x10 ?

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We want: Windowed + 16x9 (1280x720)
(You can change it via Launcher)
But what want you. What is your Display resolution?
We want to add this feature in 0.3.0 (Closed Beta)

And here a list of Programs we use for the game:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (Launcher)
  • Dark Basic Pro (Engine editing)
  • FPS Creator (Engine - Map Editor)
  • GIMP (+Plugin for DirectX Textures)
  • Dxtory (In-Game Capture)
  • Audacity (Audio...)
  • FileZilla (FTP-Server)

We hate Comments filled with "FPS CREATOR IS CRAP"
I hope you see that we not use FPS Creator like Paint -.-
My Opinion: It is a cheap engine and perfect for an indie ego shooter project. But FPS Creator have a bad rep. Release on Desura? We use FPS Creator. This game must be special to release it on Desura...
Please be patient..... We work on it....

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