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We blow up on Steam and partner with some very popular bundle sites!

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Hello Pulsers,

I'd say it's about time for another Opium newsletter, seeing as so much has happened in the past 2 months since our last letter went out. Gonna try and keep it bite-sized as these non-formatted newsletters aren't nice on the eyeballs!

First of all, Steam… We are all over this bad boy. Our Giveaway group has 6,500 members and has already given away hundreds of games including Two Words 2, Spec Ops: The Line and Duke Nukem Forever.

Then we have our Trading group which has just passed the 5,500 member mark. We're putting all of our immediate efforts into improving and building on this group so that we have a safe and effective trading community for our member base.

The Community group where we plan all our gaming events is still going strong and currently holds 1,300 members. All of these groups can be found on Steam by searching 'Opium Pulses', but the links are also on the forum.

Next bit of great news is we have just partnered with, BundleInABox, Indie Royal and IndieGala who have agreed to allow us to giveaway a handful of keys for for their current bundles. These sites are great places to pick up themed bundles of Desura and Steam games for a very cheap price.

Last but not least, we're fast approaching the 400 members mark at the forum, once we've passed that, it will only be 100 more sign-ups before we have some pretty hefty competitions and giveaways starting to celebrate the milestone.

We never expected Opium Pulses to do this well and we are truly taken back by every bit of progress it is making, so thank you all for sticking with us and making our dream community come true!

This was SlipSlot
Founder of

P.s. If you'd like to chat to the admin of Opium Pulses live, please use the chat room attached to our Steam giveaway group, we have 10-20 regular members in there at all times who are all very friendly and welcoming.

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