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I wanted to get your opinions on something. Seeing as things have been going rather slow, and uploading images to Moddb takes forever and is a bit of a pain, how would all of you feel about me opening up a twitter account for the mod? I'd be able to post WIP's of skins, maps, and what not and not take up a bunch of space on here. Leave a comment and I'll check back later on in the week. If it seems like it'd be worth the time and everyone likes the idea I'll have it up and running ASAP.

Thanks in advance guys!


OberstEisen - - 83 comments

NO twitter sucks. And better slow then steady then fast and as abd as posible.

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CM-Balkoth Author
CM-Balkoth - - 75 comments

Don't quite understand what you're trying to say. "better slow then steady then fast and as abd as posible. " It wouldn't mean I'd be cranking out crap skins or whatever, it'd just be a way for me to keep everyone up to date easier, and as I'm working on stuff.

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overwatchprivate - - 255 comments

I'd say use this already set up mod page. It has the image and video sections designed for showing WiPs so why not use it?

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CM-Balkoth Author
CM-Balkoth - - 75 comments

It sorta made sense to me, because I have a lot of different skins I'm working on. So instead of spamming the hell out of the images section, it'd be somewhere else. Hopefully that explained my intentions a little better.

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deathtrooper900 - - 780 comments

I agree with overwatch, plus seeing lots of activity here also sounds good, besides everyone whos seen this goes to Moddb but not everyone who sees this goes to Twitter, or will want to.

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RCsevrocks - - 90 comments

In my opinion I would like to see the updates and images here on moddb because this is the site I look to for all my modding needs. If all the images were posted on twitter I am very sure I would not veiw them no matter how much I love this mod. Keep up the good work!!!

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morgoth780 - - 133 comments

I'd be fine with using twitter, but perhaps you post links to everything you've tweeted in a news/article/thingy? And maybe do that on a weekly basis.

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Forloftol - - 516 comments

Keep it to ModDB. I don't use Twitter, I barely use my Facebook, ModDB is a perfectly fine platform.

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CM-Balkoth Author
CM-Balkoth - - 75 comments

Well, I guess that settles that hahahaha

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