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Do you like making people happy? Go donate some of your crap!

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Everything below is copied from the link:

Sharing Kindness; It's an Easy Feat!

This Holiday Season it's time for the Bronies to give back.
The idea is simple: Bronies donate Ponies to foals in need.

Our Mission:


Our mission is to get as many Bronies as possible to donate one or more My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic toys to a local holiday toy drive. This way we can spread the pony love to little Fillies who might otherwise go without.

But Why?


It's the perfect way to show your appreciation for the show which has brought you so much joy: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. It gives you the chance to live up to the lessons that the citizens of Ponyville have taught you.
let's be honest here, it can't hurt to show Hasbro how much you like
the show by buying the toys they wanted to sell in the first place.

That's just how Capitalism works.

So what can I do?


out about charities near you (there are a few suggestions on this
site). Next go to your local toy store, Target, Walmart etc. and buy
what pony toys you can afford to give. Then follow the rules of your
chosen charity to donate the ponies. When you're done, come back and
fill out our donation survey (and the address form
if you'd like to be part of the Bronies for Good Button Drive). We
want to know how many Bronies are participating! After that just spread
the word and tell the Herd.

(P.S. It's perfectly fine to donate other kinds of toys too!)

So give from the heart!


So be Kind, be Generous, spread Laughter, show your Loyalty to the show you love and you can honestly say that you've given a little holiday magic!

For as little as five dollars you can turn this:

Into this:

Spread the Word! Tell the Herd!


Even tough we have Rule34, Tyrant Celestia, Shipping, and other nasty stuff going in this fandom,

we still are the best fandom. just because of stuff like this.

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Mr-Gency Author

Every fandom has Rule 34.

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I thought you liked Celestia, we debated about this a while back, she's no tyrant...

And yes, the Brony fandom is one of the best out there because we care about what we follow, most of us anyway, unlike others, that I will not name that just follow a fandom because of their fetishes.

Things like this show that we are not just followers and that we want to spread the word of what we do, be it helping others by giving or just showing support.

I feel I rant too much these days, oh well, it's what I do best :)

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Well yes, I know she is not a tyrant. I was referring to Pics, art and Fan Fics referring to her as one.

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This is why we are 20% cooler than any other fandom.

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I see you changed the description, nice...

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