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Today I will be showing you the changes to Farm and Town.

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Hello everyone! I'm here today to share the new stuff in Operation: Tuxxego 2!


I've changed Farm a lot from V1. I merged the "house" map from Operation: Tuxxego 1 into farm to be a farmhouse.

20220120095248 1

There is now some sort of cargo building as well (I just now realized I don't know the backstory lol) with an underground area and a cave.

20220120095049 1The Lighting isn't finished for the image above.


town is completely finished.

20220120095409 1

New Nodes

Both Farm and Town have a nodemesh now, and a npc_enemyfinder. That means the zombies and combine know your position at all times. Which is better than hiding from them.

Next map

The next map has started development, I have no info to share yet...

Join the Discord for more updates:

Operation: Tuxxego 2 is coming June 9th!

NOTICE: Yes this uses a lot of mods and they will be in the credits. If any mod author notices their mod in this and doesn't like it DM me on Discord: GRANT Tuxxego#4789


weapons will cool in game!

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