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The first dev blog for Operation: Tuxxego 2 includes features like improved difficulty and map warnings

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the first post on the Operation: Tuxxego 2 dev blog. Today I have a few things to share with you guys that we've added to Operation: Tuxxego 2.

Map Warnings

In Operation: Tuxxego 2, each map has a certain difficulty, such as Farm, which it's difficulty is Very High. A map's difficulty is judged by how many enemies, items, and allies there are. Here's a list of the requirements for the different difficulties:


Less than 10 zombies spawned per minute

0 Combine assaults

Over 10 pickups

More than two allies.


More than 20 zombies spawned per minute

0 Combine assaults

Less than 10 pickups.

Less than 5 allies.


More than 2 zombie spawners

0 Combine assaults

Less than 5 pickups

Less than 3 allies

Very Hard:

More than 3 zombie spawners

More than one Combine Assaults

Less than TWO pickups around the world.

Less than two allies


Improved Game Difficulty

If you've played Operation: Tuxxego 1, you know that the difficulty is broken. We've fixed that for

Operation: Tuxxego 2.

Untitled video Made with Cli

(I am aware that I misspelled "beginner")


That's all for now!

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