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Delta Force Bandits Mod team presents Operation Delta Force Bandits mod v0.1 alpha.

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We like to take this time for all the team members that we have on our Squad to help through the ideas and also took a lot of their free time to work together. Thanks to Air Warrior for the support for this mod. It took a long time to actually make this mod possible for our community thank you for THQ for taking Nova Logic's company and keeping the games alive.

The mod is not set into a certain theme it is set for any theme if it has to do with desert snow or jungle. The things that are in our mod are a lot of things from Deep Jungle mod from Black Hawk Down some stuff from International conflict mod and a lot of stuff from Nova logic's games like delta Force Xtreme delta Force Black Hawk Down and Joint operation typhoon Rising and the rest of the stuff we put in ourselves.

All new weapons handheld replacement all new vehicles a lot of new buildings decorations objects aI's new iron sights sniper sight scopes a lot of new features to the weapons new iron sights and scopes for the tanks and helicopter guns new sounds for all the weapons we are using a lot of the joint Ops typhoon Rising sounds for some of the vehicles and we add new ones to make a lot of the vehicle sound better.

This mod was the Urban operation mod and we took that mod down and was putting a lot more in to the mod, so we renamed it and it is now called Operation Delta Force Bandits. We put a lot of cool stuff to make the mod stand out more and made new objects so map builders can have more new thing to work with.

Are mod's theme is Vietnam modern Warfare world War II and Iraqi War. Army's That are in the mod Canada united States Russia china north Korea Iraq and many more. A lot new vehicles has been added on new hud system more new iron sights and scopes and new features to the weapons like sounds skins and a lot more. We added about 17 new trains that have not been in the urban operations mod. This mod can be used to make maps with the map editor and then I'll editor. This mod does not have Maps this is why we're doing an alpha so people in the community can get together and work on their Maps and start hosting.

Operation Delta Force Bandits

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