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Latest milestone features: full OpenAL implementation with environmental FX and animated textures support!

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Those who follow OpenTomb twitter possibly noticed that not so long ago we've completed audio engine, which is now capable of playing sound samples in all TR versions. As a bonus, we have added environmental FX support - a feature which was never seen before in PC version, but was present in PlayStation versions of TR3-TR5. This feature required additional reverse-engineering of TR file format, as well as digging into leaked TR5 SDK - and finally, we've figured out how reverb info is stored in TR levels!

Now, for animated texture business. The way to animate textures is different across various TR versions. While in first three games these were simple framed animations, last two games (TR4 and TR5) introduced so-called "UVRotate" method - dynamically shifting UV texture coordinates to get "scrolling" effect. Both of these animation types are now fully reproduced in OpenTomb! Additionally, other animation types are implemented for possible future TRNG/NGLE compatibility - back-forward framed and UVRotate types, as well as hybrid mode, which is a combination of both.

Check out latest video (Angkor Wat walkthrough) to see all these new features in action!

barrybarrykelly - - 1 comments

I love how the project has been coming along. It'll be fantastic to finally have a version of the Tomb Raider engine that doesn't rely on emulation or wrappers to run on modern systems.

Keep up the great work!

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Lwmte Author
Lwmte - - 6 comments

Thanks! There's still lots of things to do, but project indeed evolved farther than OpenRaider or any other unfinished TR engine remake ever done.

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