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I have decided after much thinking to make The Swarm an Open World. And more

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This Open World approach to the game will let you explore the entire united states well not the entire united states parts of Nevada will be closed off because that's were area 51 was so but you still will explore parts of Nevada and the entire middle of the US is closed off until later in the game and in each state there will be different types of areas these are the types Alien controlled areas, Militia 51 ( name of the good group) controlled areas, nowhere areas where there are different outposts that you could even build and the will be desert areas, city areas also battlefield areas, there in the cities controlled by Militia 51 are stores and markets you can buy things from them with scrap metal old money and pretty much anything metallic. In this game you will get to build outposts and they will all be different depending on what area you are in if its in Militia 51 controlled areas they will be under a building or something and in the alien controlled areas they will be hidden under rubble and metal.

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