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As already posted, the Open beta started yesterday

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As already posted, the Open beta started yesterday and lasts until the release.

Instruction how to download the gamemode:

In Order to download the gamemode (takes about 2.6 Gigabyte memory) you need to get the Programm Tortoise SVN

After installing it go to your Garrysmod steam Folder usually located at
C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\YourUsername\Steamapps\Garrysmod folder and in that garrysmod folder, there should be another folder called also "Garrysmod", right mouse click on it and look for the Tortoise SVN button and then go to SVN checkout, now a Window should appear
Then you just copy and Paste this Link:

into the Url bar and press ok, the download should start now. (May take some while since it is 2.6 Gb)
updating works the same, since we are updating this Gamemode also with that tool

You need Also the map gm_atomic which you can download HERE

It is Recommened that you have 2 Gigabyte RAM or more.

Our Server:

In order to play on our Server you have to connect to this adress: either by the Server Browser or over the console by typing "connect" (without ") into the command line and pressing enter.

The server is not 24/7 online, the usual Uptime is from 09:00 to 22:00 GMT.


Since it is an Open beta you can expect many bugs and glitches, if you find one please post it in our forums at

Thank you for your attention and we will meet us on the server.


Nioce lot better instructions then before :D sending this to loads of people....

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ProHunter Author

thanks :P

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I'm probably about to waste waaaaaaaay too much time...

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