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A new update for the alpha version with bugfixes, tweaks and a few additions.

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Open alpha (v2) released


  • Fixed bug which showed wrong medals after finishing a map-run.
  • recompiled window.dll and xExt.dll to increase compatibility.
  • changed window header title to "Celaria (Open Alpha)"
  • Increased angle at which the player can start a wallrun (from 30 to 40)
  • fixed minor bug in the camera handling at a wallrun start
  • added "gameplay" options:
    • added the ability to set the countdown timer in seconds (3,2,1,0.5,0.2)
    • added the ability to display the speed of the player (in km/h and mp/h). (can be disabled, is set to "km/h" by default.)
  • made some tweaks on "map4" and fixed some floating blocks on "map3".
  • added an "arrow" animation in the map-select screen to indicate that the right bar is actually interactive.

    Note: Older savefiles are no longer compatible with the new version due to changes in the highscore file system.

Celaria Open Alpha v2


Thanks for the wall run fix, that was a major problem with me, well that and falling.

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DevLewa Author

The wallrun still isn't optimal in this version. It is much better than in the first version but sometimes you still can get stuck on the wall. The problem is that the wallrun detection takes the camera rotation and movement direction into account. (And the movement angles are still a bit to narrow in this version.) The next alpha version will allow much wider angles so that wallrun should behave as expected.

Also what exact problems do you have with falling?

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