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This is the pilot of the Hunter mission string. You can check out my writing, which is periodically updated, at the link within this article.

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Hello everyone,

I'd like to take the time to introduce you to a mission string I've been writing. While it is not near complete, I have started typing it up and will be updating the writing page periodically. Be sure to check it out from time to time! Each writing piece will have a date next to it indicating the time of its last update in order to help you see if there's new writing.

Excerpt below:

As you enter the bar you notice a rather large group of men sitting tat a table, each with his own pitcher of beer. You sit down and order yourself a drink. While trying to enjoy your drink, you constantly glance at their table amazed at how much they are drinking and how incredibly loud they are.

Upon finishing your drink you look over at their table once more, but this time catch the eye of the biggest of the bunch. He looks at you for a second and stands up. You turn away sheepishly, not wanting to be the cause of any bar fights.

You hear him lumbering towards you, each footstep shaking the floor very slightly. As he draws near, the hair on the back of your neck stands up. He sits down next to you and puts his hand on your back. You jump slightly and dart your head toward him, looking as surprised as possible.

The mammoth of a man now sitting next to you puts out his other hand and says in a deep, course voice, "Arnold Jones, how do you do?"

You are relieved upon realizing his intent. You firmly grasp his hand, barely able to reach your fingers around it, and reply, "."

He pulls his hand away and orders up a couple more drinks. "So," he begins, "I saw you looking in our direction over there." He points over his shoulder. By now you have noticed that all the laughing and yelling has stopped, and upon looking back at the table where Arnold was sitting you see that everyone's eyes are on you.

All of the sudden you feel nervous and boxed in, but try not to show it. You turn back around and look at Arnold. "I might've noticed all the ruckus goin' on over there," you calmly state, trying not to let out any of your emotions.

"HA!" He blurts out, almost cutting you off. "Well, d'you know who we are?"

"No," you reply.

"Would ya like to know?" he asks.

"Sure," you respond, almost sarcastically.

"We're the Hunter Clan!" he almost screams in your face.

Taken back, you timidly reply, "Ya mean the group of bounty hunters?"

"Yep! That's us. Anyways, you look like Hunter material…" He trails off, then pulls out his handheld computer and scans your face. You watch as he examines the screen. "Aha!" he finally says, "Looks like my instinct was right again! So, what d'you say?"

---Do you accept his offer?---


Nice. The beginning reminds me of the Wild Geese line, BTW.

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teh1ghool Author

You may be right. My writing will have small similarities to many things I've read/watched/played, though I try to keep it 'as original as possible'. Originality is not an easy task these days.

Arpia 2
Stargate SG-1/Atlantis
Fallen Dragon

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teh1ghool Author

I've finally added the SND forum. In it I will be posting my writing more frequently than I update the website. Check it out. Register. Comment. :)

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