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Final Gear is almost complete. It's been a while, but recently, in-game production on the story and progressing the story scenes hadn't been that productive for a while, until this week. So, now on a Dark Matter binge, Edgar's been working like mad to finish the Final Gear story in-game. And now it's done, complete with climactic end. But we'll let you play that in due course. Next up, in-game story wise, is the Reality Council, right at the end of Episode #1. It's that close, guys.

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And yet, it's still so far. We still need some voices. Episode one consists of planet stories The Nexus (part 1), Biorhythm, Final Gear and the sort of short end bit, The Reality Council. In this, The Nexus has all voice slots filled. Biorhythm has all bar one, which someone has recently expressed interest for - Grogsam, a talking bear. Although, Budgie's voice actor (a Scottish, street-wise teenager) is taking a worryingly long amount of time with no correspondence. This could mean his spot becomes available in due course. Final Gear still needs its main villain, Adho, a male voice. Also, we still don't have a Kim, one of the main six characters and one of which is introduced on Final Gear (she is the small girl). Then there's the Reality Council, which incorporates some characters from later planets in the game, so there's quite a few still needed, as they're all planetary leaders. In this, the regal-like Mateus (any gender) is needed, the full-armoured Emperor Pikhaul is needed, the flamboyant Francesco is needed, law enforcer and teen Ben is needed (who is an important character throughout the story from there on out) and, of course, the game's main villain... V.Len is needed. Yes, the name is deliberate. If anyone is interested, please do let us know! And, for particular female roles, we will be needing a bat-shit insane scientist and weapons expert Penny Greyback for a planet very soon.

In other news, we also had a chance to speak with Head of Bon Ink Studios, our publisher, Jon Bon (not Jovi). A lot of finer details were finalised and he now has a copy of the current build of the game to play around with. Well. Sort of. It's had a lot of updates already, which will be listed below. I can safely say, Episode 1 of the game will be all of Galaxy #1, now, rather than split into two, but you guys will still be receiving a demo of the game in the next few months, which will be the Nexus (Part 1). Haaaaave fuuuuuuun!

Now for the most recent game progression:

•Lee has written a lot more on the lore book.

•Dunkan and Helen are having their line art drawn up by the wonderful Liz!

•Liz has also drawn and coloured the main character's new armour design, which is a beefed up version of his current design. This will be the final visual look for the character, to take him away from that Mass Effect visual our initial artist gave him.

•Loz has sent over most of Blake's lines and they are sounding superb, so far.

•Manon Jeneret has been cast as Lione! At last! A Lione! Australian! Main female lead!

•William Newsome has been cast as Dunkan the scientist!

•Lucy Ahmed has been cast as Helen the scientist, a good friend of Tom's on Final Gear.

•The Black Wolf Pirate planet script has been completed, ready to be passed on to some of the voice actors, soon (particularly the Warden and Phoenix).

•The Galactic War end of episode #2 script is currently being typed up from the handwritten version. Exciting stuff! This is where everything changes.

•Dark Matter is now on Indie DB for people to check out! Wahay! Lee will handle this.

•The first trailer has now been finished...

Update conclusion :

A lot has been done over the past week or so, as you can see. Voices are being cast and we're hoping for a big push to spruce up episode #1 and get it released as soon as possible. Now... just that matter of animation, again! At this rate, it may just be comic strip images for the main cutscenes...

- Lee and Edgar.

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