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Mobile devices act as a catalyst for the continuous growth of the online gaming industry and each new development matters.

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iOS and Android Developments Aid Online Gaming Surge

For modern gamers, smartphones and tablets are essentially pocket computers, capable of running most of their favorite games. The functions of making phone calls and sending text messages are just two of the many features they use on these gadgets. More and more people carefully look at the specifications of mobile devices before placing an order, to make sure they can properly run games. iOS and Android developers a attention to this changing trend and try to come up with ever responsive and faster gadgets.

Downloadable Games are Losing the Race

When the first online games were made available for smartphones and tablets, downloading them prior to playing was mandatory. Even the most optimistic players regarded the possibility of playing straight online unfathomable. One of the major breakthroughs made by developers was to switch from conventional Flash technology to HTML 5. All sorts of games can now be played straight in the browser, without the need of downloading anything.

One of the main reasons for why smartphones and tablets have developed such a large crowd following is that they promised unmatched convenience. The idea of downloading content before playing defeated the purpose of speeding up the process as much as possible. Initially, only a handful of games could be played without download, but as devices got more powerful, the list grew quickly. HTML 5 technology is vastly superior to the native Android and iOS applications and don’t require an Internet connection.

Online Casinos are the Main Beneficiaries

Most of the modern tablets and smartphones are powerful enough to run a broad spectrum of video games relatively smoothly. However, people usually have to make compromises to avoid downloading anything on their devices. The good news is that no such concessions need to be made when playing online casino games. A regular mobile gadget is more than adequate for players to enjoy the HTML 5 games in browser with no download whatsoever.

PlayOJO was among the early adopters and quickly made the transition to HTML 5 from Flash. With or without an Internet connection available, so players can get used to the game mechanics even when they are offline. This is something that developers have always tried to achieve, to make it even easier for the fans to play their favorite games. They use the native features of mobile gadgets, such as drag-and-drop to place bets, spin the reels and perform other game specific mechanics.

There are plenty of other online casinos who follow the trend and many of the leading software developers have embraced HTML 5 games. Developers try to make the games more comfortable, intuitive and overall easier to learn and master. This tech is currently the best available but players can rest assured that even now software developers are diligently working on the next technology.

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