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"One Square at a Time" on IndieDB. Source code is coming soon and why Python?

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"One Square at a Time" is on IndieDB
I decided to upload "One Square at a Time" to IndieDB, but why?
Well, I wanted to share my work (including soure code) with you guys because I feel this is one of the best gaming communities I've seen.
Having "One Square at a Time" on IndieDB will also allowed me to inform about new version and other general updates.

Source code coming soon
As stated earlier, "One Square at a Time" is going to be an open source game, so therefore the source code will be uploaded ASAP.
I have to consider the licensing first I guess, but that won't take long (hopefully).
The code is written in Python2.7 using the pygame module, so these will be dependencies when compiling the source code and of course when running the game itself.

Why Python?
I decided to use Python since I find it to be a really easy and quick-to-learn programming language. That's the main reason, really.
But on the other hand, it's a really fast way to program, since there is no compiling needed. Whenever you do an edit in the source, the program is already updated for that edit.
On the other hand though, this can also turn out to be a bad thing. When messing around with Python code, you need to have installed Python. It isn't a big problem for Linux OS, since most Linux OS has Python installed by default, but for the Windows users it's another deal. They have to go download Python (Python2.7 in this case) in order to make any Python code work.

Anyways... This game will be for not only your entertaining, but hopefully mine too. I hope I learn while I'm developing this little game.

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