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Another Quick Update to let you know some of the insane stuff that is going on with our Next Build. Alpha5.

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So we are still a ways away from our next release, but all for some very good reasons!

Our New Mega Modder:

So for those of you who have read my recent Updates, you will remember I spoke about this Mega Modder who was bored and wanted to help us.
(I knew copious praise of his excellent modcomps would pay off!)
He has taken it upon himself to basically rebuild the entire mod from scratch!
He was apalled at the state of my mod and how thoroughly disorganised the code and files were, so unlike most trolls he turned round and said he would do something about it...
Not only is he removing all the unnecessary files that have gathered up inside the mod over the years, he has also taken all the existing necessary files and tidied and cleaned them up to get rid of all irrelevant information, to make working with them much faster and more efficient!
(I am still wrapping my head around and getting used to it all)
He is also in the process of taking all of the existing gameplay features and mod elements, updating them to their latest versions, or rebuilding them with more features or better implementations than before.
Along the way AI has been improved in some places too.
I won't bore with the current changelog as it stands, I want to save that for the Official Release (mostly because I still don't know what all the changes will be!)

But here is a taster of the sort of things I mean.

The Economy Code:

So, you know I told you that the economy code that I spent FOREVER implementing wasn't actually working
...Big Sigh...
Well that all seems to be a thing of the past!
Not only has it gone from not working to working, it has gone from a basic 1 feature system, to a whopping 5?! Feature system...
More or less I am being a bit fudgey with the numbers.

Let me show you what I mean:
Old Version:
1 Building can have 1 bonus resource that can add an amount of yields and commerce for each instance of that bonus available in the city.

New Version:
1 Building can have X bonus resources adding an amount of yields and commerce for each instance of that bonus available in the city.
As Well As
X bonus resources adding a percentage increase in the amount of yields and commerce for each instance of that bonus available in the city.
As Well As
Being able to do both of these things with bonuses that are sourced locally only for that city
(within the cities radius).
As Well As
Each Type of Resource can do something different than the other resources in that building.

I now have the unhappy task of redoing all the Economic work I did for this new system.

That's all I have to say for this Quick Update.

Stay Safe Out There and Happy January!


keep up the good work!!

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FamousSpear Author

Cheers, we are getting ever closer to the next release!

We are almost at the point where all the complicated work in the core code is done, it will then just be a matter of me figuring out how everything works, where everything is, what need to be reapplied in new ways (to restore A4 functionality) and applying it across all the far simpler xml files

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