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A quick Run down of how to play as the Two New Factions for the latest patch.

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When playing as scarlet crusade you start off with a castle. This is because they have tiers as upgrades. Scarlet Crusade strengths are:

  • Advanced healing abilties
  • Advanced Deference Towers
  • Advanced upgrades
  • Advanced Lumber upgrades
  • Able to build 5 heros at once

Their Special ability is to resurrect a large army from across the map.

you need to tier up as fast as you can and get the paladins out as they will be able to heal your units fast and do insane damage.

use whitemane as much as possible, she will be able to help your army stay alive and heal your units with and advanced version of Holy Light.

Get the "contract with Stormwind" in order to deal with air as they are an melee only faction and with contract they are able to get siege engines to deal with air and allows you to get them at a cheaper cost compared to normal Humans faction.

Get as many upgrades as you can from the Holy Blacksmiths as it will make your army not die in later game when your enemy is in tier 3.

like with whitemane, make sure all your heros are built as they are the key to win battles with their abilities that help your scarlet soldiers.


Old Gods are on the field faction similar to the Nerbuians but are stationary and rely on the faceless general and their army of faceless ones, sillithids, and insane abilities to win the war.

Strengths of the Old Gods are:

  • Insane abilities if C'thun to support your army, if Yogg to spread chaos among the enemy.
  • DO NOT need gold or lumber
  • Able to Posses ANY unit in the battlefield
  • lead the strongest Silithid and Facless ones
  • reinforce your army at will
  • Old Gods able to cast their spells ANYWHERE on the map as well as have true sight over the whole map

To play the Old gods is very simple C'thun Uses support powers to help your army overcome the enemy and Yogg uses crazy abilities to murder your enemies army at will and able to use better tentacles than C'thun.

To start off with bottom left is an ability to possess an target, you need to pop a tentacle near a creep unit pop Void Twist on one of them creating a general.

Get the Hive Emitter as fast as possible and start killing creep units as soon as possible.

Build up your army and get Hive emitter to level 3 asap and get Whispers of the old gods to get powerful faceless units.

When in Battle Using N'Zoth in big battles is very important when you hit level 6

Keep your Old GOD alive at all costs.

Killing units near your old god will help him level up allowing your to get even more powerful abilities.

When your old God hits level 6 or you play as Yogg, Get a forgotten one via "whispers of the old gods", charm an enemy worker and start building your own units and buildings.

When you get Charm with your Old God, find a high level Hero and posses him.

Use Tentacles as either deference to defend your Old God OR Offence to support your General.


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