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I'm pissed. Not by the game, don't misunderstand, but by the news that used to be here. Or rather by the fact that it's been there for so very long.
Things have happened. Things that should have been mentioned here and some of which I don't even remember because I don't have a very good memory and it's been some time.

There is one main issue here, and I will make it both big and bold and even underlined:

We need more people.

More specifically, we are in desperate need for a texture artist. There's probably more than this, but as it appears, everyone who knows what to write thinks it's not exactly important to write.
Also, Korvin will probably be very pissed by me writing a news article. Yeah.

But I still think this is going somewhere. Not exactly sure where, but somewhere definetely. Hopefully it will end in a finished game that you'll like. But as for the closer future, I hope this leads to a news article written by someone with a little more knowledge of the matter, for I am merely a pawn in this game.

Please, if you can help and are willing to help, try to help. It will be appreciated.

You can apply here.

Shirk - - 885 comments

I can help somewhat with texturing

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211476 - - 269 comments

if you are interested please go ahead and apply on our forums

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Drakel101 - - 66 comments

I'd be happy to help texture but my only previous texturing has been on BF2 and BF2142 so I've no idea if it works the same way.

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Althir Author
Althir - - 73 comments

You draw textures, they are put in game. I don't think it's too different.
Also, due to hard- and software limitations, the texture resolution will likely be considerably less than for BF2/2142.

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Mobster103 - - 915 comments

Yea guys. We will never allow the game to die, however if you want it finished as fast as possible and with the best quality possible, please apply or tell people you know. Some members from the original team have lost contact, so we are at about half what we were in the "hay day."

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nietzschesaurus - - 103 comments

I wish I could help you guys out. I'm a fantastic artist on physical mediums, but I don't have the know-how to do good by it on a computer medium.

I have though!

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