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Huge Oil Rush update (0.82): 4 new maps, 3 new skills, free OST bonus for all pre-order users!

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OST in high quality as a pre-order bonus

We are very grateful to all of you, who pre-ordered Oil Rush, for support and have yet another bonus for you - effective immediately the official Oil Rush soundtrack by Paralyzah is available to you in high quality. Oil Rush OST consists of 18 amazing tracks - a unique mix of heavy industrial, breaks and ambient.

It will be out for sale separately once Oil Rush is released but you can enjoy it right away and free of charge (Desura pre-order users will get as soon as we understand how to attach a new package to the game here). Thanks again for your support!

Arctic twilight

Changes from 0.81 to 0.82:


* Added "Tutorial 3" mission with cut-scenes. Learn how to divide units by type and conquer your enemy!
* Added "Sabotage" map (1 vs 1)
* Added "Sunset" map (1 vs 1, a limited set of units, Zeppelin in action)
* Added "Circle" map (1 vs 1, an experimental labyrinth design)


* Added "Napalm" skill (splashes of burning oil damage units and towers)
* Added "Repair ship" skill (a ship repairs units around it)
* Added "Mine field" skill (both ally and enemy units get damage when hitting mines)


* Mac OS X build now supports multiplayer
* Implemented Steam invitations support
* Improved aircraft movement
* Reduced "HeapChunk"-induced crashes
* Fixed several GUI bugs
* AI level is set to "Normal" by default in the "Quick Game" mode
* Fixed a bunch of minor bugs


* Optimized Barracuda and Mantaray models
* Added canyon environment
* Added a Zeppelin unit
* Fixed Seagull units
* Added the fade effect in the main menu
* Added Unigine logo on the start-up
* Improved units destruction


* Added a new battle music track
* Soundtrack is now available in high quality as a pre-order bonus

gabsd84 - - 101 comments

Any chance of some 6 and 8 player maps for the final release? ....please. :)

Would be awesome for LANs.

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binstream Author
binstream - - 101 comments

That's unlikely because we want the game to run on even low-end PCs.

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Tacco - - 2 comments

is an Athlon II 64 bit at 2.1 Ghz and a Radeon Mobility hd4250 with 256MByte good to play this beautiful game? If it's so i will buy it for sure on Desura or Ubuntu Software Center.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
binstream Author
binstream - - 101 comments

No, your GPU is too slow.

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gabsd84 - - 101 comments

Yeah, thought that might be the case...but no harm in asking. Really enjoy playing the game..especially with friends. :) Thanks for also supporting Linux.

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binstream Author
binstream - - 101 comments

There will be more multi-player maps next week, including maps for 3 and 4 players.

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gabsd84 - - 101 comments

Awesome, can not wait. :)

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Sverro2 - - 7 comments

Really nice update. Love the new maps :)

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