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For those of you that have followed us for some months now know that we released a Roleplay Guide to allow players to get a sense of the Star Wars Universe we hope to create through this mod. For those that haven't seen this, please follow this link:

Now, to allow players to develop their roles in the overarching narrative, DarkForce, our creative writing director, has written up information histories, government structure, economic considerations and command structure of all the factions you will see on the server. We've decided to now release this information for the major factions of the mod: New Republic, Galactic Empire (Imperial Remnant), Corellians and Hutt Cartel to help those players brainstorm on how they want to become involved in this rich RP universe when the final mod is released. You can think of this information as setting the stage for all player created characters. Now, without further adieu , here are the histories on the New Republic and Galactic Empire - Corellia/Hutt Cartel info will be released later this week

New Republic

A Pocket Guide to the New Republic

Presented by:
The Senate Committee for Historical Preservation

Part I

Understanding the Alliance to Restore the Republic

"So this is how liberty dies...with thunderous applause."
―Padmé Amidala, to Bail Organa following the Declaration of the New Order, 19BBY. Located in an excerpt from Bail Organa's personal journal, uncovered in the Imperial Archives in 9ABY.

These words first passed the lips of Senator Padme Amidala in 19 BBY (Before Battle of Yavin), at the Senate convocation that ended the Old Republic and saw the beginning of Palpatine's Galactic Empire. Despite her tragic death shortly thereafter, Amidala's words lived on in the mind of Bail Organa, further rooting the seeds of rebellion in him just as the Empire was taking its first steps.

Her brief statement was a reaction to just how willing the galactic population was to allow one man to assume singular, tyrannical rule over the galaxy. Through the subtle use of fear and the manipulation of the Senate, Palpatine made the Empire seem necessary, even benevolent. But Senators like Amidala, Organa, and Mon Mothma saw through the cleverly constructed ruse.

By the end of the Clone Wars in 19 BBY, a group of Senators seeking a diplomatic end to the conflict formed the Delegation of Two-Thousand. It called for Palpatine to relinquish some of his executive powers after the war, in order to bring the Republic back to its prewar state. It was this first passive resistance to then Chancellor Palpatine that would eventually give birth to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and finally the New Republic.

Palpatine largely ignored the delegation for the rest of the war, but once the Empire was formed, many senators were arrested and detained for questioning. A select few were killed. A handful of the senators, most notably Bail Organa, Mon Mothma and Garm Bel Iblis, eluded Palpatine's suspicion long enough to begin forming a real resistance against the Empire, though it would be nearly two decades before the Rebel Alliance officially formed.

Even so, the eighteen years between the declaration of Palpatine's New Order and the true beginning of the Alliance were not quiet. As the Emperor installed governors in every sector, built his military and took away more and more civil liberties, small resistance cells made up of former Separatists, localized insurgent groups, and Republic loyalists nipped at the Empire's heels, looking for an opening, a weakness to exploit. Palpatine knew that a full-on armed resistance was brewing, and yet he did nothing to stop it.

In fact, according to some sources, he allowed it to happen -- perhaps to further legitimize the Empire's need for military might, or perhaps to gain a clearer picture of his enemies. Unfortunately for him, his lust for power would prove to be his undoing.

In 2BBY, a meeting was held on Corellia between the leaders of the largest resistance cells - Organa, from Alderaan, Mothma from Chandrila and Bel Iblis from Corellia. Together, they concluded that diplomacy and politics had done too little to free the galaxy from Palpatine's aggressive policies. To return the peoples of the galaxy to democracy, action needed to be taken.

With financial backing from Alderaan, loyal soldiers from Chandrila, and vessels secretly funneled to the Alliance via Corellia's massive shipyards, the Alliance to Restore the Republic was born. As it grew, many of the smaller resistance movements from around the galaxy threw their weight in with the Alliance, turning what was once a disparate group of idealists and disenfranchised citizens into a unified force of freedom fighters. For the first time in years, there seemed to be hope for an end to what many called 'The Dark Times'.

Over the next two years, the Rebellion conducted hit and fade attacks against Imperial targets. Some raids sought to capture useful intelligence, others to obtain war material. The Empire's vessels and outposts were subject to improvised attacks, bombings and commando strikes, all designed to keep the Empire's attention away from the still fragile Alliance fleet.

Soon enough, however, the Empire played its hand.

The Death Star was the Empire's answer to rebellion. Championed by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, the Death Star was a symbol of the Empire's political strategy: rule through fear of retribution. Their gamble backfired.

The pure hatred and evil behind Alderaan's destruction proved to the galaxy that the Empire had no intentions of benevolent rule, only a thirst for power. Thanks to the efforts of Luke Skywalker and the brave men and women who fought at the Battle of Yavin, the Empire was dealt its first massive defeat.

The destruction of Alderaan and the victory at Yavin were a rallying cry for the galaxy's oppressed peoples. Palpatine's humanocentric policies drove many non-human worlds to support the Alliance, both openly and in secret. Powerful new warships began pouring in from Mon Calamari, Bothan intelligence operatives began providing the Alliance with sorely needed information. In short order, the Alliance became a true threat to the Empire's dominance.

Four years after the Battle of Yavin, after a protracted and deadly conflict, the Empire's stranglehold on the galaxy was finally broken with the Emperor's death at the Battle of Endor. Though the campaigns of liberation would go on for some time, it was this victory that allowed the Alliance to transform into the New Republic of today.

Part II

Creating a New Republic

Following the Emperor's defeat at Endor, the Alliance leadership began laying the groundwork for the future: the restoration of an elected, democratic galactic government. The massive victory over the Empire gave the Alliance the support it needed to begin solidifying its place as a true galactic government.

Despite the ample gains in support and popularity, however, many large objectives still lay ahead of the Alliance. Coruscant and most of the Core Worlds were still firmly held by the Empire, and Imperial forces were bound to regroup and reinforce their strategic holdings. The Alliance did not have long to capitalize on its victory, and so the leadership worked quickly.

Immediately following the Battle of Endor, they made a show of good faith towards Imperial-held worlds by coming to the aid of Bakura, an outlying world under siege by the xenophobic Ssi-Ruuk. The unprecedented truce made between the Alliance and Bakura's Imperial defenders sent a message to the galaxy, proving the Alliance's commitment to the cause of peace and justice.

Within a month of the victory, eight of the Alliance's most important members released their Declaration of a New Republic. This marked the official end of the rebellion, and set in motion the New Republic's efforts to legitimize itself in the eyes of the greater galaxy. The New Republic leaders realized, of course, that this could not be done without the capture of Coruscant, the galactic capital.
As New Republic ambassadors swept through the Outer Rim, gaining more support for the New Republic, Admiral Ackbar plotted the strategies that would eventually allow the New Republic to take Coruscant from the Empire.

For the next three years, hard fought battles and numerous sacrifices were the order of the day. Loyalist Imperials and power hungry warlords made each step more difficult than the last, but eventually, our brave soldiers prevailed. First came Borleias, securing the road into the Core -- then came Coruscant itself.

The liberation of Coruscant was met with both celebration and despair. Peoples from across the stars rejoiced at the Empire's fall from power, but the Imperial specter lived on through insurgency and biological warfare. Terrorist cells bombed civilians in the name of the Emperor, and an engineered virus, Krytos, targeted the non-human population, intent on sowing seeds of doubt towards the fledgling government.

But the New Republic could not allow its victorious march to the Core Worlds to go sour. The terrorists were rooted out and eliminated. The Krytos virus was systematically eradicated. Each move the New Republic made was filled with the very same resolve that allowed the rebellion to succeed. As the citizens of the galaxy took notice, support for the New Republic continued to increase.

For a time, it seemed that the Empire's days were coming to a close. Many in the New Republic explained that the remaining Imperial forces required only a quick 'mopping up'. Yet in 8ABY, under the command of Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Empire made a concerted attempt to unravel all the good the New Republic had done.

The Grand Admiral initially used tactics similar to those of the Rebellion. Hit and fade strikes were common, as was the spreading of misinformation. His slippery strategies proved difficult for the New Republic military to counter. However, it would prove to be the Empire's mistreatment of non-humans, specifically of the Noghri species, that would halt the Grand Admiral's scheme.

Then Inner Council-member Leia Organa Solo forged a diplomatic relationship with the Noghri people, proving unequivocally to them that the Empire was to blame for the painful and slow restoration of their planet's ecosystem. As this knowledge spread throughout the Noghri people, Thrawn's own bodyguard, a commando named Rukh, stabbed the Imperial leader in the back during the pivotal Battle of Bilbringi.

The Grand Admiral's strategic skill, it seems, was the key to the Imperial counter-attack's success. Without him, second-in-command Gilad Pellaeon ordered the retreat, leaving Bilbringi and its advanced shipyards to the New Republic.

Graver threats still awaited the New Republic, however. As Thrawn made his moves, so too did a seemingly reincarnated Emperor Palpatine, reborn in a clone body. Two years ago, not long after Thrawn's defeat, Imperial forces from the Deep Core made a move against Coruscant, and forced the New Republic to retreat. But this Imperial victory was to be short lived.

Once more, thanks to the efforts of the brave men and women in uniform, and various Heroes of the Rebellion, the reborn Emperor was defeated, and his war machine beaten back. The New Republic wasted no time in reclaiming Coruscant and other occupied worlds, repairing the damage caused by the immoral, corrupt Empire.

Even in the face of unceasing conflict, the New Republic strives to uphold its ideals. Just last year, beloved Chief of State, and leader of the Rebellion Mon Mothma resigned from office, resulting in the first true democratic election. As a result, the current Chief of State, Leia Organa Solo was instated.

The vigilance of the New Republic is a testament to all that was fought for during the Galactic Civil War. It is a lesson that can not, and will not be forgotten. Even as this is written, the forces of the Empire seek to launch attacks against the peaceful peoples of the New Republic, to promote their policies of fear and military dominance. For this reason, holding fast to the ideals of the Republic is the only way the galaxy can ever achieve true peace.

Never has there been a time when those ideals are more important. Just months ago, amidst a Senate campaign to send peace envoys to outlying Imperial and unaligned worlds, the Empire launched unexpected offensives in the Mid-Rim, taking Orinda and other New Republic member worlds. As the fleet was mobilized to send reinforcements, the Empire invaded the shipyard systems of Fondor and Bilbringi.

In order to prevent further loss of life, Supreme Commander Ackbar has ordered New Republic forces to regroup and prepare, once again, to meet the Empire in armed conflict.

Through the power of our collective peoples, and through the will of the Force - justice will be done.

Galactic Empire:

The Department of Imperial Commerce
In Cooperation With
The Departments of Imperial Immigration and Education


A Traveler's Guide to the Imperial Remnant

A note to readers:

Welcome to the Empire! That's right - we're still fully armed and operational after all these years! As a member of the greater galactic community, we strive to educate all peoples about our practices and customs, to make your stay within our space as safe as possible.

In this guide you will learn about the origins of the Empire, our current government, and the various branches of our prestigious military.Whether you're a trader, immigrating from elsewhere in the galaxy, or just here to broaden your horizons, this guide will help you better understand the Empire as it is today.

Please be warned, however: Do NOT feed the Stormtroopers. This cannot be stressed enough.

For further information, please make your queries via the nearest local HoloNet hub.

The Empire: A Brief History

The Galactic Empire was formed in 19 BBY (Before Battle of Yavin), in the wake of the destructive Clone Wars. The Republic's Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, after facing an attempted coup det tat by the Jedi Order, saw the need for a more powerful, streamlined, and efficient government, declaring an end to the Republic. In its place came the first Galactic Empire, a move applauded by a great many senators, organizations and local governments. Ruled by the newly christened Emperor Palpatine, and the re-formed Imperial Senate, the Galactic Empire ushered in an era of peace for a galaxy reeling from the devastation of widespread conflict.

Of course, not everyone viewed the creation of the Empire with the proper amount of adoration and respect. Power-hungry senators feared Palpatine's control, and saw the massive military buildup not as a means to keep the peace, but as a threat to it. As the Empire grew, tensions mounted, and by 2 BBY, a group of traitorous senators signed the infamous Corellian Treaty, forming an organized, but ultimately illegal rebellion against Palpatine's Empire. Their intent was to re-establish the cumbersome, archaic Republic.

As more planets were persuaded into treason by the Rebellion, the Emperor approved liberal use of the Tarkin Doctrine: the theory that subjects could be ruled through fear of force, rather than force itself. Intimidation, he believed, was a better solution than the outright harm of the Empire's people. Despite this, the rebellion's seditious efforts succeeded. With the rebel victory at the Battle of Yavin and the destruction of the first Death Star, Palpatine saw fit to completely disband the Imperial Senate, declaring a state of emergency until the rebellion was crushed once and for all.

Unfortunately, the insidious rebellion would prove too much even for Palpatine and his enforcer Darth Vader. Following their deaths and the destruction of the second Death Star over Endor in 4 ABY (After Battle of Yavin), the Empire splintered into many competing factions.

While the core of the Empire was held together by the likes of Intelligence Director Ysanne Isard, warlords like Zsinj, Teradoc and Krennel carved out mini-empires and warred against each other. Meanwhile, the rebellion reorganized itself into what they began calling the "New Republic" - a feeble attempt to legitimize their ascension to power.

Yet even while the rebels captured Coruscant, hunted down warlords and finished off Isard, there was still hope for the Empire lurking in the outskirts of the known galaxy. In 9 ABY, the Chiss Grand Admiral Thrawn returned from the Unknown Regions with a powerful flotilla of Star Destroyers and the support of the legitimate remnants of the Empire.

With his unmatched tactical and strategic skill, Thrawn was able to retake much of what the Empire had lost and nearly brought the New Republic to its knees. Unfortunately, again due to the rebellion's ability to inspire treason, Thrawn was killed by his own bodyguard, a Noghri commando named Rukh. Without his strategic brilliance to hold the campaign together, or the knowledge of his future plans, Thrawn's second-in-command, Pellaeon, ordered the remaining Imperial forces to retreat.

Despite all these setbacks, one interminable fact remained true: the Empire never rests.

Even as Thrawn humbled the New Republic, a new Imperial force grew in the Deep Core. Using cloning technology, Emperor Palpatine had, years before, managed to transfer his consciousness into a young clone body. While he gathered Imperial forces to his stronghold in the Core, he allowed Thrawn to weaken the rebels to the breaking point as he laid plans to reunite the galaxy under Imperial rule.

Other Imperial forces, not under the reborn Palpatine's control, were emboldened by Thrawn's success, and in 10 ABY managed to recapture Coruscant. Though the New Republic fled, the Imperials continued to splinter until Palpatine finally revealed himself. For the next two years, Palpatine antagonized the New Republic with new superweapons and superior military force, but was ironically defeated, once again, due to the involvement of the Force-strong Skywalker family*.

Palpatine's final destruction placed the Empire in a somewhat new position. Despite their victory, the New Republic was in shambles, trying to rebuild after two devastating campaigns. Meanwhile, the Empire, though beaten back, was now free of major splinter groups and warlords. After being united into the official Imperial Remnant by Admiral Natasi Daala, command of Imperial forces was handed over to Admiral Gilad Pellaeon, Thrawn's former second-in-command.

After recognizing the penchant for singular leaders to leave the Empire in disarray, it was decided that governance would be handled by the Council of Moffs, who could be placed in check by the Supreme Commander, a more evenly distributed and disaster-proof system. With eight sprawling sectors under its control (which equated to over a thousand inhabited systems), the Empire remained a major galactic power.

Despite the military losses and infighting after Endor, the fleet was still comprised of hundreds of Star Destroyers, thousands of supporting capital ships and tens of thousands of starfighters. Though the battle lines stabilized as the Remnant consolidated, the Empire and New Republic remained wary of each other, and for a time border skirmishes were common.

However, Pellaeon was not content to allow the Empire to rest on its laurels and be whittled away while its constituents recalled the 'good-old-days' and hoped for the best. From his time with Thrawn, he knew the only way to defeat the rebels was to deny them the ability to make war. Considering the battles over the previous few years, that meant removing their capability to build new warships and refit old ones.

Earlier this year, Pellaeon successfully took Orinda and several other Mid-Rim planets from the New Republic, sending their forces fleeing in defeat. Shortly thereafter, the Imperial Fleet executed surprise attacks against the under-defended shipyards at Fondor and Bilbringi. Despite brave resistance by the New Republic and its allies, the might of the Empire, coupled with the will of its skilled and efficient navy proved too much for the defenders. With the systems firmly in the Empire's control, the Empire's shipbuilding and recruitment programs have seen massive gains.

As the selfish rebellion licks its wounds, today's Empire stands ready to reunify the Galaxy.

*Information on, or the capture of any member of the Skywalker family and/or their associates will be substantially rewarded. Contact the Imperial Security Bureau for details.

Disclaimer: Persons who engage in unlawful reproduction and/or dissemination of this guide will be prosecuted to the full extent of Imperial Law, up to and including disintegration.

And, what would be a post without another goregous Sizer model. Take a gander at our new Corellian Destroyer!!

Corellian Destroyer Redux
Corellian Destroyer Redux
Corellian Destroyer Redux

If you like what you see, and have been playing, please don't forget to tell your friends, your communities you frequent and social sites like REDDIT/Twitter about this mod. Player word of mouth goes a long way and we'd appreciate any of the support we can get for this mod of ours! Thanks everyone!


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