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I dunno, just something extra xD What's about the mod and etc.

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Extra News

Hello, my name is Gabriel (Gabeee), This mod made by 7 people at the moment, all of us are hungarian and we are about 14-16 years old. When I decided to make this mod I fear because I have stopped a lot of things that I have started. But this time NOT. I didn't understand it but I was very happy xD. Oh and I love cheese :D

Hello, my name is Hollo, I'm the one of the mappers in the group, now I'm working on a village. So there will be two "towns" maybe. You can find me as Hollo in game. [My name means Raven in English]

Hello, my name is Bulldog. I'm the youngest developer in the modding group. My task is to make and edit everything on the map to look better. Placing of houses, bridges, etc. which made by the other mappers is my task too. I'm the media editor, I make the biigger videos and I will make the trailer.

Sooo what's up with the mod:

Let's see what we have.
First of all we have a HUD. We have XP and Level System. <---- It is really important. :)
And we have a Resource System. What is it? Good Question.

Resource System
When you successfully chop wood or mine stone or catch fish, etc. you earn xp,level and resources.
Resources are really important in the game because for example:
You chop some wood ----> Make a fishing rod -----> Fish some fish xD ----->

  • Cook it -----> (You need wood for firemaking) ------> Eat it
  • Sell for money -----> Buy Stone pickaxe -----> Mine some rock -----> I don't know xDDD long story

Woodcutting resources : oak,willow,pine,teak,yew
Mining resources : stone,copper,tin,iron,coal,mithril
Fishing resources : sardine,trout,pike,salmon,lobster
Okey, so this is resource system.

We have a main menu. It is so cool xD
Let's see what we have in it.

Main Menu

You can join one of the main clans
You can create a clan too or join with the id of the clan.
You can save your character (There is autosave so not too important)
You can watch your level and xp of your skills and your name,steamid and clan. (Bit buggy because when you open it first time everything is 1 [Skills,XP] I dunno why, YET :D )

This was main menu

And we can drink,eat,run in the mod because we have thirst,hunger,stamina.

These are the most important things :)


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Nice work and no worries I could still understand you. :)

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