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Some informations for the demo release, progress and features.

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Hi there,

So, i'm back for heaven, i was working hard on my other projet so that's why i was busy.
As i said, i have mostly done the new pictures and sound import. I only need to texture and import the model i've done, and finish some others models. I feel a bit alone in this project, the only think i would love is a texture artist to make the UV map of the ships. I can easly modeling any things now (look at my profil picture gallery).
Once the update 1.79 will be released, i will port all i have to this version. (shader update mostly)
I know that you really want to test it, but, if my team was active and have many members like the SOGE or DotR team, the demo would be already done.
I have also some questions :
-I do say about Pirates faction, but, do you think that the pirates will be better as raider than a faction ? It will like more realistic (Like the Game, the pirates are not a unique faction, but more divided groups)
-Navy and Procyons superweapon ? (i was thinking of a massive supernova gun who can destroy many ships)
-Unique planets ? Cressentia etc (if i can't make a compatibility with Infinite Space)
-Starbase for Procs, Navy ? (thinking of Cressentia)
-Unique Pirate base ?

Have a nice day !

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