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We estimated the alpha to go live on 31st October, but there proved to be just too much stuff to handle. Read on!

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Hi Nyrthos fans!

As some of you already notices, 31st October has passed and nothing
happened. So here come the news!

The biggest news is that - simply put - we‘re not absolutely satisfied with
the state of the alpha yet. It‘s very painful for us to announce it, but that‘s
just the way it is. On one side, we‘re thoroughly excited because we did a TON
of work during the last month(s), made huge progress and we are very proud of
ourselves; on the other hand, there‘s this moment, where we have to crawl out
from our caves and admit that it just wasn‘t enough to meet the estimated

Well, estimates are estimates (we obviously suck at estimating).. and we
are truly sorry to those of you who were eagerly awaiting the alpha on the

Right now, we‘re cruising through the internal testing phase, tweaking
stuff, playtesting here and there and polishing what needs to be polished. It’s
the best stage of the development so far, as we can already see the checklist
getting shorter (for the first time.. ever.. ?). Please, bear with us a little

As a little „apology“, we’re putting up a few screenshots from the demo level
we’re working on at the moment.We love it :)

And now.. let’s get back to what you guys want us to do the most.

See ya later!


Just take your time guys and don't push it ;)
We're all but players waiting patiently to see the game in release, so we'd be able to check it on our owns and enjoy it ;]

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Nyrthos Author

Thank you for the kind words :)

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