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I finally get the time to work on my 'todo-list'. The result? Awesomeness!

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Blog from my site (6-5-2015):

Jeez, it's been a while since I've added an awesome new feature that didn't come in as a suggestion. I haven't spend all that much time on my own 'todo-list', so I decided that it could use some love today.

I really wanted to get a use for iron ore. It's in the game, but there's nothing you can do with it. So, on my 'todo-list', I put "Iron tools" (this happened like, one month ago). I never really took the time to add it in. I thought I'd start with that today. However, as I started the "project", I realized you can't just use iron ore straight away. You need to process it first!

So, how are we going to process our iron ore? A smeltery? A cliche stone furnace? I didn't wanna go with any of these solutions, however, I had no other options. So, I went with a very basic furnace. Now, I had a different problem: I can't use any GUI (as this is rule number one in my game). So, how do I let the player insert items? And how do I make the player add fuel? Though questions.

And then, I came up with the perfect solution. It looks somewhat like this:

I remembered that I still had the 'block placing' system built in. This allows you to place blocks, such as wood and stone on the ground, allowing you to build all kinds of things with it (mainly walls). I thought I could use this feature nicely in the new furnace.

It works extremely simple. You build the furnace, place the fuel you want as a block in the center of the furnace and throw the item that you want to smelt onto it. You just light your earlier placed fuel with a firestarter and wait until your newly cooked item pops off.

There are some downsides, such as: You can only have one piece of fuel in the furnace at a time. However, you can also cook only one item at a time. I've got plans to fix this right now, but that'll be a feature for the more improved furnaces later.

I've got a bunch more interesting items planned for the future. Let's hope I finally can get to adding them!

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