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Trauma Inc. is now recruiting! Join now if you want teamwork and communication!

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If you're interested in a clan that expects teamwork and communication, please join our TeamSpeak server: The port is 9178. And for those new to TeamSpeak, when it's installed and running, click on "Connections" at the top, then "connect". Then under "Server Address", you type in "" (without quotes), a username of your choice, then click on the "Connect" button on the bottom. That's it! You're in our server!

These are the rules of our server:

" 1. Respect Server Administrators


3. Obey leaders in-game.

4. Administrators have the right to make rules and judge any request made.

5. Administrators have the power to punish players for ignoring any order given to them in-game.

6. Do not spam the pokes or you will have poke privileges taken away.

7. You must speak English (unless an Admin approves).

8. Don't blare music through your mic."

The admins are Timothy Younger, Bryce Chambers, jlukejluke and myself (Sgt_V3n0m). We all live on the East Coast of the U.S. but we're on till around 12 midnight (0500 GMT). If you have any questions or anything, don't be afraid to poke us or send us a message or anything.
Again, if you're interested in joining a clan that wants to play fair, has a lot of teamwork and communicates with other teammates in game, then you have found the right clan!

One last thing, it would help a LOT if you have a mic.

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