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This mod is not dead. It has been being worked on for a long time and now is close to being finished.

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7 Tasks release date is 26th July 2010. I have been working on it for ages just haven't put up any updates. A lot has changed and the overload of weapons has been taken own by quite a bit. It has just been moved over to the orange box due to valve changed everything over to OB.

Gamelplay has changed but there are still loads of aspects still there. Expect a car chase and loads of explosions including hitbox gibbing ( Boom Head-shot ). I have been coding some gore as well so expect a lot of blood. I mean a lot. Let's just say Japanese chanbara...

You have no crosshair and therefore you will have to use ironsights to get a direct hit in the face. The new bullettime can help but it can also be a handicap as there is alot of bluring but the outcome may have a nice bloody result.

When completing the game you will unlock freeplay levels. These levels will allow you to go to new areas and have a showdown with either zombies, SID or innocent people who are really scared.

This is my first mod that I start years ago on the goldsrc engine and moved over to the source engine so don't expect the enviroments to look 100%.

Thanks for reading and look out for 7 tasks in a couple of weeks time.


good to hear that your not dead

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Marking my calendar for the 26th :D

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