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All maps are done, I need to add lines and polish to them. I am expecting the lines soon. Work on the paint gun model has started. The mod is 26 maps long. There is a new playlist on my youtube, where I talk about certain aspects of the mod.

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So, not dead, but alive.

Why have I been quite then? Because life is full of other responsibilities, and as much as I'd like to work on my mod full time, I am attending university, so that has taken a lot of my time lately, specially considering that I am in finals. And all the free time I have, I dedicate that to working on the mod rather than on it's marketing, so it tends to get quiet here. However, I do post a bunch of stuff when I am excited. Mainly on my twitter account which is on the side bar to the mod. And lately on some short videos on my YouTube channels.

Aperture Tag - Developer Commentary

These are a series of videos, still making some as time goes on, where I discuss certain aspects of the game, be it the paint gun, gameplay, voice acting, fizzlers, etc. Those arouse from the fact that I love watching and listening to Valve's developer commentary on their games, but because I won't be adding them to the mod, due to time constraints, and because I still wanted to share some stuff I learn along the way, I thought that making a big video would be ideal. Later I learned that making a long video is hard, and I decided for a short series of videos covering one aspect in particular. So let me know if you want me to talk about something specifically, and I can do that. I attach the latest video entry below! Be sure to check out the full playlist HERE!

Where does the mod stand?!

Good news everyone! The whole mod is mapped out! It has a beginning, a bunch of stuff on the middle and two endings! The script is also done! It is 26 maps big, which is roughly about 40% of Portal 2. That said, it takes me about 50 minutes, if I recall correctly, to play through the whole mod. But my test subjects take much much longer, from 5 minutes to 40 minutes in a puzzle. So your first play through is going to take a while!

Also, some months ago I contacted the band Abarax to see if I could include their music. I didn't expect an answer, but they said yes! So, it will feature one song of that band! So, you should check them out, if you like prog music with a touch of Pink Floyd!

And what is left to do?

  • I think its best to write it in list format.
  • Polish the maps
  • Fix glitches and bugs
  • Add the rest of the voice lines
  • Add and test the paint gun model
  • Test the puzzles

Extra links

I dunno why I made all of these extra links and pages, adding announcements to every single one of them will be a pain. Anyways, here you can check them out! If you like them, say so! It helps me out.

Bonus Picture!

Here one picture! I should stop showing everything out!

Until later!

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