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Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood swings onto iPads and iPhones. Take control of Robin in this text-based role-playing game that blends interactive fiction, resource management, and base building against the backdrop of a lushly hand-illustrated Sherwood Forest. Player choices have both dramatic and mechanical consequences that shape the framework of the Merry Men’s resistance against the Sheriff of Nottingham. Nocked! is available now through the App Store.

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Find out what Gamebook News calls “A magical game, interactive fiction with a heart, soul, and style.” Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood place you in the shoes of the eponymous forest outlaw, but this is Robin as you've never seen him - or her - before. Take the reins of the Merry Men and lead them against the vile Sheriff of Nottingham; build a base in the depths of Sherwood Forest; find romance; balance the needs of the peasants, the nobility, and the church; and don't forget the mysteries of the Deepwood in this expansive, sandbox-style text-based RPG.

Nocked is available now from the App Store. Draw your bow and take aim!

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