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The CS:GO Halo mod, now with Rocket-Launchers and Sword Lunging.

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NOBLE Strike

Now with Rocket-Launchers and Sword lunging!


NOBLE Strike 1.4
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New Features

  • M41 Rocket-Launcher (The SPNKR)
    • Has 2/4 ammo
    • Costs $6500
    • Shoots Rockets
      • 1100 units per second
      • 320 of magnitude on a radius of 240 units
  • Energy Sword
    • Removed movement speed boost (260 -> 250)
    • Now has the ability to lunge
      • Left click a player to lunge at them, even allies
      • Has a range of 400 units
      • The further you are, the faster you'll be launched toward them


  • Adrenaline
    • Stability improvements
    • Players can now hold 2 charges instead of one
  • Grenades
    • Stability improvements
  • Bubble Shield
    • Stability improvements
  • Sniper Rifle (SRS99)
    • Swapped the mesh based crosshair for a screen overlay
      • this removes the bobbing issue
  • Menus
    • Forced DM Slayer
    • More text changes due to Riptide
    • Fixed background videos (thanks DemolitionerRUS)
  • Items_Game
    • Invalid items fixes (thanks DemolitionerRUS)



Wow I didn't even think it was possible to make explosive launching weapons for CSGO. 😹

Looks pretty good as always!

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Z00L Author

The trick is to use VScripts with mapspawn.nut as an entry point, this allows for cool entity manipulations and use whatever is exposed to VScripts to your advantage.

Rockets are prop_dynamics moving forward and raycasting to see if there's an obstacle, then spawn an env_explosion basically.

Detecting if a player fired is done by viewmodel attachments as we can't dispatch spawn entities correctly like logic_eventlistener, the weapon itself fires a bullet with a range of 0

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