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Yes, I'm finally posting the NO-DRM version for you all so you can play it on your GOG HLM2/on your Pirated HLM2/ in Australia.

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Hello, It's CsyeCok The Soldier. Now on ModDB

So I have finally made a moddb page because I want to post NO-DRM versions of my Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number levels\campaigns (from the game's steam workshop) so that GOG players can play it.

So I'm posting my first ever campaign I ever made, it's called Equalizer (don't confuse it with Antonie Fuqua's 2014 motion picture) and it's about a rich dude getting his money back.

This is my first time actually posting on MDB. I still have to be on this site to know what is what and stuff. thanks for reading.

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