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Version 2.0 of Controller Prompts brings support for the Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller.

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This is the first update done for the two-in-one mod Controller Prompts and Small Improvements, bringing support for the Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller:

In addition to this, it also comes with a version supporting the Nintendo Button layout in which the buttons such as "A" and "B" are flipped emulating the feel of a Nintendo Console:

Nintendo Layout

Everything about the setup is explained along-side the download, regardless it is relatively easy to set up. Here you have the downloads:

Controller Prompts Plus+:

Controller Prompts Plus+ (v2.0)

Controller Prompts:

Controller Prompts (v2.0)

Following now is the changelog.

Changelog (12/02/20):


  • Changed archive file from (.rar) to (.zip)

Controller Prompts (v2.0):

  • Added support for the Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller
  • Added Nintendo Button Layout support with the addition of instructions for a correct setup
  • "Controller Prompts Plus+" now updated: "Tiny Readable Text" is now fully merged in this version, scaling subtitle text as well

Small Additions (v1.1):

  • "Text Additions" updated, provides better formatting of text previously uncovered

The support for other controllers are on the way, although I cannot assure when, if you're looking forward to this, it shouldn't take too much time.

All in all, thanks for reading and checking out the mod.

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