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I revamped my current project and have taken some new footage and screenshots to reflect the changes I have made!

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About a week before posting this update, I was playing around with what was Ninjahtic Side Story and had been thinking to myself about how it wasn't what I wanted Ninjahtic Side Story to be. The personal need to make these changes was almost giving me anxiety. It was quite literally bugging the sanity out of me.

This is a video reflecting these changes:

It's probably worth noting that there are a few more things I'd like to change with some of what is shown in the video above. Some of the monsters are currently place holders, the backgrounds will be experimented with a bit more, and a title change has almost been considered.

To provide a little more info: Ninjahtic Side Story is a pseudo 8-bit action platformer with elements from stealth and puzzle platformers. Like all of my other games, I'm developing it entirely by myself as well as composing the soundtrack in it's entirety.

While it's still quite early in development, I have to ask with the utmost kindness (as kind as one can possibly be) to please refrain from sending messages offering any sort of contribution in any form to my project. I know it sounds very cheesy to explain how I do like to express myself through my games but it also extends to my personal need to have every bit of control over everything the players sees, hears, feels, the gameplay mechanics, the levels they play, and any other aspect involved in making my games. Everything I do under my pseudonym, Blaze Epic, is done entirely on my own with the only exceptions being collaborations with vocalists on my music (kept entirely separate from my games). I do apologize, sincerely, for coming off as rude in any sort of way in explaining my whole (cheesy) Blaze Epic artistic thing. ^-^

More to come!

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