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Nikki and the Robots 0.3 is out! Level targets, changelog and contest info are to be read here..

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Nikki and the Robots 0.3 is out! [get it here] Soon we will start a level contest which is why we gave this release the name "Edward".We decided to abandon batteries as energy source for robots to avoid slow pace and annoyingly repetitive gameplay. Instead Nikki's targets are:

1. Collect Batteries
(as many as possible)

2. Use Robots
(they do not require ‚ĆĀenergy)

3. Press Switches*
(to complete levels)

Collecting battery cells will serve high-score lists and in the story mode it will allow for progression; a certain amount of batteries will be needed to enter the next part of the game. We will explain the meaning of switches another time..

Battery Counter In-Game

0.3 Changes include:

  • Battery counter and timer inside levels
  • High-score display in level selection and level-end screens.
  • Bugfixes! One of the most horrible ones prevented linking robots to terminals in the editor.
  • Player-configurable controls
  • Death zone (lower limit for levels)

The level competition will start soon and it will affect the future development of Nikki greatly, so please test-ride this release [again, get it here] as hard as you can! Bugs go to Launchpad or our IndieDB forum (did we tell you we got a forum?).

Level editor tutorials will be released (on indieDB) very soon as well!


Why is your art style so adorable? Who did your art? I want to slap an electrical collar around that artists neck.

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I played the demo. I absolutely love this game so far, but you should know that on my computer, some of the menu text was trailing off of the screen. I'm sure it's all in-progress, but just a heads up. Great work!

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