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some statistic info and a new picture of weapon aiming during zoom

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the additional code blows up the size of scripting folder more than twice times Wink
best examples:

farcry 2976 lines of code
opcl 6425 lines of code (with 16 lines where the addnew things are described)

farcry 683 lines of code
opcl 2670 lines of code

1650 lines of code

1948 lines of code

and so on...
278 new or totally recodet or major improved lua files Smile it was not that easy to get this bugfree and load/save stable and userfriendly.
I'm currently collect last bugs / stylingerrors /usability tweaks (with big help by Basss) and eleminate them, i hope i can finish that process tomorrow.

have also done some new improvements:
-now jack draws the walki talki before he can answer to a incomming call XD
-recodet fuel management of vehicles (now initial vehicle fuel is independemt from max fuel of this vehicle)
-have understand how weaponposition can be adjusted during holding. currently only used in aimmode, see attached screenshots)
btw, i think ironsight zooming should be possible with hat method, i would only need a set of new angles (x,y,z) for every weapon, (and i'm to lazy for that, beside that i never missed the ironsight zoom). if someone cares, tell me and i'll send you the devkid so you can find out the values for every weapon.
for ak47u the position change needs that value
and about 10min to find that values (try & error).

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