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We're oh so sorry for the lack of updates! But come on, it'll be worth it. Also, there are advertisements on ModDB that are annoying me right now.

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Hey guys, it's been awhile.
We're sorry! We've been working on less mentionable things; Storyline, characterization, art direction, and technical manners. You guys would be bored.


(Minor Spoilers alert; These spoilers only affect the first few minutes of the game, however, and do provide backstory for characters.)

Various story alterations are being considered. Really, it depends on how much we can fit into one game. I promise you guys, this will be exciting. That said, what's a story based game with no news about the story? Her'es a little teaser! It doesn't give away much about the game, but it does represent some critical backstory!


Professor Chau is the head of Jastian Winter. He's also responsible for the creation of the clones. Chau's understanding was that a man cannot be replaced by a robot in combat or work, but that human life is sacred and must be respected. A man must be able to do all work and be able to compromise in a difficult situation. However, the man must still follow the directions given to him. This lead him to the creation of the first generation of FRED.

After the third generation of FRED, Chau was reassigned from a simple biological engineer working on
the new alien base, Summer, to a more remote and strange part of the planet as the head of a new
base, Winter.
Whenever a new generation of clones is created, Chau returns to Summer in order to oversee the entire operation.


Garriott is the cold-hearted head of Jastian Summer. He's in charge of everything; the current cloning
system, experiments on plantlife, on alien life, and on living standards. While Chau is humane,
Garriott considers pursuits of science to be more important than normal ethics. Constantly getting in trouble with his seniors and understudies due to radical new concepts, Chairman Garriott is responsible for the discovery of alien life on Jastian.


A lot of hard work has gone into TileGen! Various templates have been worked on; Also, we're working with an overlay system, to make sure that even rooms that are similar in shape look somewhat different. We're basing the TileGen system primarily off of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons generation rules; This provides good, clean-cut ways to ensure that the gameplay is secure!


We have a couple musicians working with us. However, we're ALWAYS accepting volunteers. Seriously, guys, help us out! The more the community helps, the more likely we are to put out regular updates.


Any 3D modelers out there? We have secured an animator, but we still need a modeler. Wouldn't you like to see YOUR MODEL used as a boss, character, or monster in the game?
Send a message to anyone on the Jastian Summer Team, and we'll be sure to respond!

Again, sorry for the delay, and peace!
-- Jastian Summer Team Frontman, Nintyplayer


I am here to personally apologise for that concept art. It in no way represents the art style of the game.

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I am here to personally apologise for Rombom. He in no way represents the dev team of the game.

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nintyplayer Author

I'd comment on that, BUTT I don't know what to say.

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