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New model, some info, and a request for help from any coders out there. come in and take a peek fellas.

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Hey everyone! Sorry about the delays last month :/ wanted to have the suprise ready, but I've hit a couple of speed bumps with it. That's why first off I'm going to ask any coders out there interested in this mod, to pm me if you'd like to help at all! Now that we have that out of the way, on to the content.

Y'all remember this guy?Y'all remember this guy?
Y'all remember this guy?Y'all remember this guy?
Y'all remember this guy?

and of course, to keep everyone entertained, I recorded myself modeling it and sped it up a good 10,000%

I currently have Azure UVmapping the mech, and it's really shaping up. I feel like you guys will enjoy this ingame fighting/driving in it.

Finally, on to the last part of the update. The info. This last month we've been kind of slow paced on getting things done, so the surprise I talked about last update isn't ready. We definitely want to have something ready next month or sooner if possible, but again we have some coding snags. Remember, any help we can get is greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone!
- Lopractic

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