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Welcome to the new Abagail. In this update you'll find out what we've been up too, the new drawings our artist Fiona O'Regan has done, and the work in progress level designs by Scott Baker...

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At the beginning of last year the team had agreed to try and develop the Abagail series further. However, last year we didn’t realise that there was a lot of the UnrealEd for us to learn about, and that’s exactly what we did. The team got together and began working on learning the different aspects of dealing with a new engine (The majority of the team had come from the Source Engine). But we’ve learned it and we know were ready to make this total conversion modification a reality.

For those of you who don’t know what Abagail is about, here’s a quick brief on the storyline. Based in the 1920’s to 1940’s. The game begins outside the mansion, showing several scenes of Abagail and her boyfriend, Sid, saying goodbye outside the old forest gates of the Matthews Family Mansion. But when creatures of the Dark Forest and the Matthew’s mansion take control of Abagail, and pull her furiously into the depths of darkness, you have no choice but to fight your way inside and save her. The player controls Abagail’s boyfriend, Sid. Although not much is known about Sid, you will find out more information as you continue to play the game.

We’ve begun development on Abagail. To this date, we have a good few things started on, this involves:

- Drawings of Abagail and a brand new character called Rayn. Drawn by our artist Fiona O’Regan.
- Two level designs have been started on (Act 1 and Act 2)
- Storyline and the design document is nearly complete.


Abagail (Dress 2) Abagail (Dress 3) Rayn

Level Designs

Act 1 (W.I.P) Act 2 (W.I.P) Act 2 (W.I.P) Screenshot 2

We are looking for some Unrealscript programmers, as there are something we are looking to create that simply cannot be done in Matinee or Kismet. I’d like to put out a special thanks to the team for the development on both using the Unreal Engine and the developments that they have done for the modification so far (considering we have literally started the modification two weeks ago).

Stay Tuned!
Scott “Sythen” Baker.


Looks rather interesting.. ..tracking..

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Lookin sexy Scott ^^

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Hey I set up my own Mod DB!

Am I cool or... well...


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