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Hi, and welcome to Empire Total War Napoleon. Now that the Napoleon mod has been released, you can now bring about the war of 1812 as the Americans or the British in North America. You can fight as France against the coalition forces in Europe or vice versa, or if you choose you can fight as the British East India company in India. I have also setup the Mughal empire as the British EIC so they would have their own government separate from Britain which was the way it was in history.

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The Napoleon Mod Video will start with the intro load screen, and go on to the grand campaign screen, campaign map screen, battle deployment screen and onto the battlefield for a battle against the British and French. The HD Graphics are from Terrestria Orbem. The music and sounds are from Hi Fi Master Sounds drum and fife, ETW, and NTW. Uniforms, Character and unit portraits and icons were done by WARMONGER56. The data came from the NTW mod plus Darth Mod's Napoleon Mod. Now that the Napoleon mod V1 has been released, V2 is on its way. In V2 of the Napoleon Mod I will be doing new uniforms for India and the Middle Eastern factions, plus setting up an EIC for Portugal and France. I will be doing some Indepth research on the subject to make it as historical as posable.

I invite you to come check the Napoleon mod out and see how you like it and maybe give me some feedback as well. To download the mod, just go to Mod and look or search for WM56 ETW 1700S Mod. The Naploleon mod is an addon for the 1700S mod. I would like to thank all of you and Mod db for you continued support. Have a great day! I hope you enjoy this article along with the video and images from the Napoleon mod.

Load Screen Img 2Prussian Winter Battle Img 3Prussian Winter Battle Img 9NAP MOS MJ FACTIONS FLAGS IMG 1

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