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i make music, i have downloads, yay news! and i have news, which is also news, but now that you've read this, it's old news, and when and if i post more news, this wont be news, it'll be olds.

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well for starters, im going to say im thinking of scrapping my maps, except by request that i continue to finish up any particular maps, but otherwise, i am going to get to work on something more exclusive.

But one last thing im polishing up is Barren heart, and it's counterpart, Heart Throb, a smaller boundaries map.
havent uploaded the smaller one yet, but soon.

i dont know what i want to do with what i've got, but i like most of them.
I have some new downloads available, but they are nothing special. some music i recorded on my yamaha some 3 or 4 years ago.

they arent great, but they're kinda fun.

I'm particularaly fond of Tetris' Dueling Guitars, but i have another version that im working on harmonizing the chords.

And for anyone who hasnt seen it yet or just hasnt looked, the real Turner farm sattelite photo.
Next to it is the game screenshot from the editor.

the tree farm is pretty much long gone, the map is a sort of cross between africa, the past, the present, and fantasy/idea/concepts.

Pay no heed to the man behind the curtains surrounding hte blog. unless you like permanent brain damage!


Wowza you have a lot of stuff here. Taking over man lol. Check this link out:

Staff hiring...
I think this is right up your alley by the looks of things.

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