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Adressing that work on the third level has changed to optimizing and that the last level is being worked on.

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After some time working on the third level there still seem to be areas that overload a certain part of the source engine. I am still working hard on fixing this and i hope it wont be a future concern on other maps. The map sadly has not made any progress cause of this issue as optimizing is a big step in mapmaking.

Instead i have aswell begun working on the last level. I personally dont like to get stuck nor to have a lot of loose ends so its a good way to make progress in both ways. The so called "endgame" will also be the end of the first chapter in the storyline.

Im also aware that its taking me forever to make this mod but its cause i am lacking time. Real life just comes first as many of you know. Its either making it very short or making it halfway decent in the length wich i preffer since i still have a few ideas for the game. Afterall its a huge project for me and i hope you all understand.

In a few days i hope to finish the third level to an ok degree to continue on with the 4th level. Wich partially will be in a ruined school and hospital. When Level 4 will be finished is still to be dated. In total i will have around 6-7 maps for you all to play. And after release i will continue to update the files for issues that you report.




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GJ for not finishing the map first then working on the problems... I always screwed up on my maps like that

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