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Level 1 Beta has been released. Check it out under the downloads section for install and play instructions. Below will be news, notes, credits, other fun things.

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Brother Marines:
A playable version of DEATHWING has finally been released. While short, it should give you a taste of things to come.

Now, a very important disclaimer:
This is not an easy game. It was designed to be a synthesis of L4D style gameplay and the 1993 DOS game of similar material, so it is slow paced, calculated and exploratory. You must conserve ammunition and watch the back of your teammates. Because of the limitations of the engine, Bots are not very helpful and single player is HIGHLY DISCOURAGED over multiplayer. If you would like to try single player, it is recommended to go on a difficulty of easy or normal through the vote menu or you will very easily waste a lot of ammunition.

This is not a linear game. The original game was labyrinthine. There is no map overlay, so you will probably get lost. I have made multiple paths to the end, you may be required to backtrack. (PROTIP: you have to backtrack).

If you are looking for a fast paced run and gun, you may be disappointed. If you are out of ammo, you will have to return to the spawn point to rearm. If you die, your team will have 1 defibrillator.

Known Bugs:
- Flame Thrower still acts like molotov of L4D2. I haven't come up with a clever way to make this work properly, suggestions welcome.
- Bot AI is unreliable. Don't count on them doing anything for you other than follow and absorb some blows.
- Particle effects intermittent
- Ambient sound effects intermittent
- End of Level does not exit to menu or restart level. You will have to type in "map dwlevel1" again in your console as host. Otherwise it will hang.
- Power Fist damage too low.
- marine animations still L4D set.
- and more I cant think of at the moment.

Ryan "McDumpster" McKee - Models, Level, Conversion, Assets, Sounds, Scripts
Kevin "Moocow" McKee - Conversion, Scripts, Sounds
Jay "DJ Arendee" Mckee- Levels, Prefabs
Mark "Yakman" Harper - Assets
Brad "Cheeez" Porter- Voiceover
Jason Goodrich - Prefabs

Brednons, Mike, Elliot, Alex.

Thanks everyone who helped get to this point. I am always looking for talent to join the DEATHWING team so if you think you can contribute, I would be happy to hear from you.


RyanM Author

Also, This game was built on an ancient core 2 duo 2.2, 4 gigs ram, with 9800 gt card, and ran very smoothly on full settings. If it doesn't work for yours, then I don't know what to tell you.

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Wow, I have never seen an actual mod for L4D... This looks truly amazing!

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With the flame-thrower why don't you make it like the pyro's flame-thrower from tf2?

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