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Deathwing Build 1.1 Refining existing models and adding a CS style wargear loadout.

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Deathwing Build 1.1
Art and Media: Refine models and animations
Marine model
Alien model

Backend and Programming:Refine L4D2 data
Create a Selection screen prior to each level that allows you to select your Weapons and equipment. (CS style) //No longer doing this, will just have weapons to select from the beginning.
Isolate Equipment only
-Pistol(Storm Bolter)
-m4(Assault Cannon)
-uzi(Heavy Flamer)
-Samurai sword(Power Sword)
-Bat(Lightning Claws)
-Crowbar(Thunder Hammer)

-grenade (grenade?)
-Healthpack (Healthpack)
-Pills (Stimpack)
-Stimpack (chocolate orange)//still funny to me.

Alien is imported into the game as hunter! he was checkboard pink for a bit there, but will be fixing that when i get off work. Gonna have to come up with some clever ways to animated his rear arms because hunter only has 2. Media to follow.

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