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Welcome to the DEATHWING wip site. Submission 1 and 2

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My first submission was images of the alien and marine models in their various forms throughout their lifespan. Budding from box shaped eggs to the multi million poly forms they are now.The marine model is a base for the other 4 marines. The initial effort will go to getting that base model in to the game in a reasonable way before committing to more details or unique models. Each survivor will have his own unique model, hopefully with garnish and flair to give them their unique personalities. And when I say unique personalities, i mean ruthless destroying robot mans. Additionally, once the base model is complete, I will probably switch gears and get a weapon in there.

The second submission is what ive got so far in the game. After pouring over countless tutorial sites and user content, I finally came up with a worthy Ellis subsitute. I think he looks ok for a first shot, so lets give him a minute to adjust. I will spend the next couple days trying to get his arms out of the middle of his chest. All efforts on the 3D end have failed, so I will have to dig deeper. Maybe hes just shy, I dunno.

I will be aiming to satisfy this build goal for this week:

Build Schedule for DEATHWING 1.0
Art and Media: Replace Model onlyMarine model in for EllisAlien model in for Hunter
Backend and Programming: Create mod with L4D2 data only.Slow movement of SurvivorsRemove common infectedRemove Boss infected except for hunterRemove all pickup items in game. Increase spawn rate of hunters.Remove Pounce effect. Possibly replace with single heavy damage and a knockback.

Thanks to those who have posted their comments! I appreciate the feedback.

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