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It's been awhile since the last update... Sorry for keeping you guys waiting, but i promise it will be worth it! Budapest ostroma 1944-45.

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Hey there guys!

it's been awhile since the last update...Sorry for keeping you guys waiting, but i promise it will be worth it!

Üdv mindenkinek! Elnézést ezért a kis kimaradásért, de ígérem,bepótolom.A legújabb munkáimat hoztam ma el nektek! (jobb klikk a képeken, jobb felbontásért!!)

Today, i brought my latest updates to you.Please check it out, and feel free to comment whatever reflections, or opinion you have! :) (Right click on the images for a better resolution!!)

First here's a small Hungarian officer team.If you take a Close look(with Right click) you can see how detailed the uniforms are,you can even see the Royal Hungarian army's crown on the buttons of the uniform! :)

Ha megnézitek közelebbről,láthatjátok milyen részletesek is az uniformisok,még a Magyar Királyi Honvédség Koronás Gombjai is kivehetőek.(Jobb klikk a nagyításért)

Magyar tisztek,Hungarian officers,Budapest siege,ostroma 1944-45

Waffen SS,Oberscharführer

One of my new,highest quality models,zoom in (with right click open in new window) to see,how much attention I put into detail! :)

Az egyik legjobban sikerült modellem,A részletekért,Nagyíts,jobb klikk,megnyitás új lapon.! :)

Waffen SS,Oberscharführer,Budapest siege mod,ModelsWaffen ss Models in Budapest siege mod.1944-45.

The Kriegsmarine

A little,intresting story from a Hungarian veteran, about the Kriegsmarine in Budapest 1944-45.

He is a still active War grave researcher(there are still thousands of unexplored burial palces in the Budapest area) .He told that once he found Kriegsmarine stainless steel,dogtags,He sad that there was a unit, that sailed all the way from the Black Sea to aid the defense of Budapest,and a really brave unit,that took a 40 tons ship,fully packed with munition and Russian Waffen SS troops from Győr,breaked trough the Russian blockade,and run aground the ship.

I've created these models,to Honor these brave men.

Kriegsmarine,Budapest siege, ostrom,1944-1945.

Kriegsmarine Fighting,In Budapest.Kriegsmariners fight in Budpaest,1945.Kriegsmariners In Budapest,enjoying The View,1944Kriegsmariners In Budapest,enjoying The View,1944

Luftwaffe Ground Forces And Flak Corps.(Winter)

sweet! :)

Luftwaffe,Flak corps,BUDAPEST OSTROMÁBAN 1944-45,mOD

A rare Luftwaffe Feldgendarmerie winter tunic!(Love these rare, special uniforms, how about you guys?...:))

luftwaffe feldgendarmerie,Budapest ostroma 1945,Jatek

Now, some regular Volksgrenadiers, I just finished yesterday.

volksgrenadiers,Budapest 1945.Jatek.

Now comes one of my favorites, the Hungarian guard fur coat.really-really rare.

Most pedig az egyik kedvencem, egy ritkaságnak számító Magyar őrbunda.

Magyar őrbunda,és Hungarista,Budapest Ostroma MOd.

Now, let's see some random fighting scene, to show the new buildings i"ve been working on.

Budapest véres ostroma,1944-45,Játék,Mod,

(Csokonai-Bezerédi Street.)

Budapest ostroma,1944-45,Mod,game,Jatek,Update,

Some random units! (Magyar felderítő, SS machine gunner)

Magyar felderítő Budapest ostromában.Waffen SS &Heer Winter Coat,With Camo,Budapest 1945.Waffen SS & Feldherrnhalle wINTER uNIFORMS 1944-45 Budapest

And one of my favorites, from the forgotten elite, the Feldherrnhalle panzergrenadier division's troop:Meet Kurz. (A Budapest ostromában résztvevő feldherrnhalle páncélgránátos divízió katonája:Kurz! )

feldherrnhalle panzergrenadier kurz,Budapest 1945,Ostroma

Notice, how detailed the buildings are. (New Kubelwagen model in the right)

Budapest 1944-45 Ostroma siege,ModHungarian units with German troops in Budapest Fight,EpicBudapest streets,1944,45,Siege, mod,Luftwaffe Field divisionFlak division Budapest,1945.

This was it for today guys.Hope you enjoyed this small update, you can see that the work is in progress with full throttle.

Bonus,Hungarian Military parade with Brass Band ! hehe.

Royal Hungarian army march with Brass,Fúvósok  Honvédek


Added plus new Models just finished yesterday! :)

Heer infantry(feldherrnhalle div.)

Heer infantry Budapest,1945(feldherrnhalle div.)

8th SS Cavalry Division Florian Geyer.

Waffen ss ,Budapest Florian geyer.1944-45

And mixed Waffen SS group,

Waffen ss,Budapest siege,1944-45,ostrom


Did you make the mp40, mg34, panzerfaust 100, panzerschreck and G41?

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arturbe04 Author

No,I never said so,Don't know wich mod they are from,but i guess you must be the author if you ask this. If so,i'm really sorry for my lack of knowledge,and of course, I will mention your name!

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I never claimed you did, I only asked if you made them or not. They are from Forgotten Hope 2 mod for Battlefield 2. Im not the author of the forementioned assets but I am part of the Forgotten Hope 2 team. Original author did however notice his panzershreck and G41 being used here. Pretty please with sugar on top, dont just take stuff that isnt yours. Now, I know you probably didnt do it to cause malice to anyone. We know all too well that our weapons have been taken without permission for several purposes for as long as we've existed (over 10 years now), so you probably just found a pack of weapons from some site and thought they were nice and decided to use them. For future cases, ask first. We usually lend stuff for people who have the courtesy to ask first, we arent bad people, but we do not like it when people just take. :) Anyway, you have a good day. :)

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arturbe04 Author

Belive that, if I would know who's the author i would ask,stealing without premission is far from me...but if you play these games you should know, these have replaced the vanila weapons,nearly everybody uses them who mods or plays these without mentioning the author.I never played Battlefield but You trying to make me look guilty for a thing that is used by nearly everyone(without mentioning).Belive it i would,you can see how much effort i put in to the mod,so stealing without premission would be a big mistake for me ,but if something is used by everyone its hard to figure it out..

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i dont know where this character come from.. you people so obsess about your model
why release in public "free" places..just lock your model in walt so no one can take it...
its like dropping money on road and thinking no one will pickup without permission..its not how its works...just grow up and let people enjoy the mod

dont feel guilty abt it...ignor this morons..just work your best...good luck

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arturbe04 Author

Exactly!Thank you my friend,and where should we know who's the author when it's used in almost every mod without mentionig..but from the 1 million they found the 1 big bad thief who unlike others,never even claimed that as his own.
I just use them in my fc**in game as any Men of war or Call to arms player in the world who finally find normally textured weapons after the ****** vanilas...
My older Hungarian and German models were uploaded with new title and claimed as their own,now thats rude,but i didn't complain anyways... let them have it.

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when the mod will be released??

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amazing job!!!

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