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The random generation is starting to irritate me, but there is some good news too!

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What's Wrong?

The random generation keeps producing near enough the same results, which would be acceptable if these results didn't cut out 3/4 of the map! As you can see from the image below, there is a giant wall of stone, this keeps appearing at the same X position of the map, which basically means, the random functions in flash are trying to mess with my head...

(don't worry about that 2160 in the inventory, its for debugging)

I hope to get back on track soon, but if I can't get this working, I don't know what I'm going to do... But don't worry! I have a few idea's on how to fix it.

Some good news!

The cave generation may be screwing up, but there has been a breakthrough on map-size. The optimisation of hiding off-screen blocks to save processing power means that you can have any size of map, although a map of 1000 makes my laptop freeze, so I halved it to 500 for now, which generates relatively quick, and the awesome thing is, you can see it cutting the caves right in front of you! A new dev build will be up when I get this stupid generation bug fixed!

Thanks for following me!

I noticed that since the last news article went up I got 3 more followers, its not an army, but I appreciate it!

Play the current development build!

The current development build can ALWAYS be found at the below link, so save it!

Threeli - - 38 comments

I love this stage of development - you know, when it's really frustrating. I'll be watching this looks like it might be interesting.

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