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Information for new task roles and important updates!.....(please read and respond/reply too prompto)

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Hey all, Happy late November, just in time to send this notification before the holiday season begins.

I do apologise with my long absence, I have been going through an awful lot lately and was/and still am very busy at this current time. Many members have been removed or kicked from this group for inactivity or from not having any form of contact and had plenty of warnings in which they ignored.

I am aware that just like me, many others if not ALL of you are very busy so this mod will just remain at a very slow (near dead) progress at this present time.

To remain on this mod, I expect to see you all have something submitted to the group email within the next month. So by the time the new year starts, If no one has submitted anything to contribute towards this mod, then unfortunately we will be bidding them goodbye (as I will get replacements and new members during the new year).

So I have created a very MINI set of tasks for each and everyone of you which I expect you all to have done soon-ish, but at the latest DONE by CHRISTMAS!.

TheSoldier: To create the Colt revolving rifle and start on one of the following maps;

Edfake: To have a first music soundtrack/theme produced for the game (to be sent to the group

MultiMarcus111: To create a soundtrack also: (If not comfortable with this then contact me and you will be given a skinning assignment or a mapping one to do as you have some skinning experience already); therefore you are likely to possibly get a simple skin assignment to do.

Asureka: To create 4x Grey Coloured confederate soldier skins (same as the union ones you did but in Grey), to save time, only create a pvt (no rank), lance corporal, corporal and a seargent with the small rank insignias on the arm rather than using large sided ranks (cause they looked too big and unrealistic). (have the ranks coloured yellow, and on the legs have one thick line on both legs)

Chompster: To create another Drawer, 2x tables (Kitchen sized wooden ones, posh looking) and 2x Chairs (Different kinds, and 1x simple wooden bed (with a sheet cover over it)

schachmatt: To start working on one of the following map;
. The battle of Fort Summers April 12, 1861 South Carolina
. The Battle of Antietam: September 17, 1862 Maryland
. The battle of Gettysburg July 1-3 1863 In Adams County Pennsylvania
. The battle of Cold Harbour May 31 to June 12, 1864 In Virginia
. The Battle of Appomattox Court House April 9, 1865 Virginia

. The Battle of Palmito Ranch on May 12-14 1865 in Cameron County,Texas

I myself had a virus on my computer the other week, so I had to re-boot it after many failed attempts to get rid of the Trojan; therefore I have lost my version of the Battle of Gettysburg.

Just like you lot, when I have time I will create a video for the public to see, and work on one of the maps also.

Password: Civil War

If it becomes the case where this mod heads more into a dying state, then we will release this as an add-on feature for Men of War so people can enjoy what we made (most likely use it in their own mods also) with our permission. But Men of War is loosing popularity fast (even Vietnam and Assault Squad) so our potential audience market is quickly dying too.



DaggerClassStudio Author
DaggerClassStudio - - 647 comments

For now lets just slowly get these tasks done, when you can all submit the time into it and try and slowly get even a (MINI GAME) arranged to be released for next year at some point, so we at least have accomplished something.

Also those who are creating maps, please discuss on here who is doing what, so we don't all do the same map.......

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TheSoldier - - 1,241 comments

Will work on Colt Revolving Rifle ASAP, the map (most likely Gettysburg or Antietam) will come after.

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DaggerClassStudio Author
DaggerClassStudio - - 647 comments

Very good, Finally was able to get into the drop box (Wasn't clear to find, was very hard) lol. That's fine, whichever one is not being created by the time you start (If someone else picks one of them), then simply pick the other; otherwise just work on whichever one you choose. Not really any specifications, (as I am unsure if we will do it as a large battle/mission) etc..... For now just need some maps I guess, then we can decide (In regards to size, just work on an average size for now, at a later date the maps can be expanded more etc)

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Chompster - - 4,309 comments

nice update, an this is what i like now i know exactly what to work on. hope to have a few things to show by the end of this week :)

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